Other News – “What Shocked Me Was To Read About It In The Press” – Mark Alexander


South African Rugby Union President Mark Alexander, addressing a media briefing on Monday, reacted to media reports suggesting a stand-off between SARU and the four main franchises, Stormers, Sharks, Lions and Bulls, over the Test match guarantees SARU is asking for the hosting of the 2024 test matches.

“We’ve strategically allocated Tests to our unions, the ones who have stadiums, and that was done to boost their season tickets sales, and hospitality and suites as well as assist them in generating additional revenue."

“It’s unique because we’re the only international rugby union that allocates Tests to Unions."

“What shocked me was to read about it in the press, without talking to us first. The first time we saw it was published in the press. But that we’ll deal with at our members’ forum on Thursday."

“We thought we were assisting them and showing goodwill allocating Tests, where around the world that’s part of the union’s main revenue stream.”

“That money could be shared among all 14 unions but we’re assisting the bigger unions because we understand that they’re the golden goose because they play at a different level to the rest.

“There is a cost involved and the number that we’re asking for is small, considering the revenue they can generate. The revenue for a 50,000 seater stadium is a minimum of R45 million to R50 million," Alexander explained.

Alexander explained: "The Test guarantee is because we have to pay for the services of the Springboks, we have to pay for the costs of our guests, we have to pay for activation of our Test venues and advertising that goes around it."