Other News – Suspension Of South African Doping Control Laboratory (SADoCoL) Will Not Stop Testing

"SAIDS notes with concern the six-month suspension imposed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) on the South African Doping Control Laboratory (SADoCoL). The suspension is due to quality assurance matters that the Laboratory must implement to ensure compliance to the International Standard for Laboratories (Doping Control Laboratories).

SADoCoL is independent of the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS) and operates out of the University of Free State. SAIDS would like to assure athletes and the sports federations that drug-testing and the execution of the national Test Distribution Plan will continue to be implemented. All doping control samples collected in South Africa will be sent to the WADA accredited laboratory in Doha, Qatar.

The suspension of SADoCoL is not related to the non-compliant legislation issue that SAIDS is currently dealing with. Parliament is on track to resolve the amended legislation and promulgate it before the end of March 2024. Passing the amended Drug-Free Sport Legislation will lift the World Anti-Doping Code non-compliance status on SA sport."