Oos Moot Hoërskool



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Fixtures 2017


04-Mar-17 Centurion 0 - 0 Oos Moot Puk Prestige
07-Mar-17 Oos Moot 0 - 0 Pretoria Boys High Bulls Prestige
11-Mar-17 Oos Moot 0 - 0 Frikkie Meyer Puk Prestige
18-Mar-17 Ben Vorster 0 - 0 Oos Moot Puk Prestige
25-Mar-17 Oos Moot 0 - 0 Wonderboom Puk Prestige
04-Apr-17   0 - 0   Hansie Week
06-Apr-17   0 - 0   Hansie Week
08-Apr-17   0 - 0   Hansie Week
22-Apr-17 Oos Moot 0 - 0 John Vorster HTS  
29-Apr-17   0 - 0   K2 Fest
01-May-17   0 - 0   K2 Fest
05-May-17 Pretoria North 0 - 0 Oos Moot  
16-May-17 Oos Moot 0 - 0 Affies - Other Teams  
19-May-17 Tuine 0 - 0 Oos Moot  
26-May-17 Oos Moot 0 - 0 Overkruin  
02-Jun-17 Oos Moot 0 - 0 Midstream  
29-Jul-17   0 - 0   ViSerker
05-Aug-17   0 - 0   ViSerker
12-Aug-17   0 - 0   ViSerker Quarters
19-Aug-17   0 - 0   ViSerker Semis
26-Aug-17   0 - 0   ViSerker Finals

2017 - Preview

The coaches at Oos Moot must be very excited as the 2017 promise to be one of the best. With the 2017 Grade 12's coming back it is the names of centre Edmund Ludick and prop Dandre Nolte who already represented the Blue Bulls at various levels. Then add lock Christiaan Meyer and wing Emile Bester who was also included in the Mauritz Hansen touring squad, and one can understand their excitement.

When adding center Conrad van Deventer and loosie Dean Steinhoble, who was already regulars in the 1stXV in 2016 excitement changes to confidence. And to top it all, an u/16 group that played in the final of the 2016 Beeld/VirSeker series will provide the necessary competition to ensure no grade 12 player can sit back and expect to pull the light blue jersey over their head.

Hooker Eduan Swart, centre Jaco Kruger and prop JP van der Meulen is some of the stars of the u/16 group that a lot is expected from. Eduan Swart represented the Blue Bulls NoordVaal u/16 team in 2016.

No wonder the coaches is walking with big smiles on their faces and although Helpmekaar will be a massive challenge, expect that game to be World War 1 and 2 all in one, revenge must be a big possibility in 2017.

Oos Moot - A Proud Tradition 

Oos Moot is a school that is well known in the Pretoria rugby community. Acknowledging the importance of a strong rugby culture they make use of external coaches who is also involved with the TUKS and TUT coaching setup. A close relationship with the TUKS Rugby Academy helps with position specific coaching and fitness. 

A crossfit faciltity and 11 month fitness program ensure that all players is properly conditioned to minimise the risk of injuries to players. 11 teams is taking part in various competitions including the PUK series, Mauritz Hansen week, Blue Bulls Big Schools league and the Beeld/VirSeker trophy.


During the  Mauritz Hansen week Oos Moot became the most successful school in the history of the 24 years of this event. All Oos Moot's teams played in the finals and won the 1stXV and u/16 age groups.

Results for the finals:
u/14 versus Riebeeckrand (Oos-Moot 73 – Riebeeckrand 0)
u/15 versus Randburg (Oos-Moot 5 – Randburg 18)
u/16 versus Randburg (Oos-Moot 19 – Randburg 16)
1stXV versus Zwartkop (Oos-Moot 15 – Zwartkop 0)

The following players performed exceptionally during this tournament :  Ivan Ludick (u/14) scores 54 points in the match versus Riebeeckrand.  Ruan de Lange (u/15) u/15 player of the week.  Jason Martins (1stXV captain) was selected as captain of this week together with  Dandré Nolte, Johan Marais en Emile Bester. These boys toured to Italy.

On the 16th April 2016 Oos Moot 1stXV made history when the won against John Vorster HTS for the first time in twenty years. Friendly's against Affies was also pplayed and although the results maybe not what was hoped for some valuable lessons was learned by players and coaches.

All the age group teams played in the Bulls Big Schools Finals with only the u/15 team that lost against Pretoria North.

u/14 – Oos-Moot 24 Midstream 19
u/15 – Pretoria-Noord 14 Oos-Moot 12
u/16 – Oos-Moot 27 Pretoria-Noord 10
1stXV – Oos-Moot 46 Pretoria-Noord 19

On the 30th of July 2016 all the age groups played in the Beeld/VirSeker Big Schools playoffs. The u/15 and u/14 team unfortunately was beaten.


u/14 – Oos-Moot 17 Klerksdorp 25
u/15 – Pietersburg 20 Oos-Moot 17
u/16 – Oos-Moot 27 Potch Gim 17
1stXV – Oos-Moot 21 Potch Volkskool 19

The 13th August 2016 the Quarter finals was played between Oos Moot and Helpmekaar for both the u/16 and 1stXV teams. The u/16's won in the last minutes beating Helpmekaar 14 - 13. Unfortunately the 1stXV was beaten in a hard fought battle by Helpmekaar with 30 - 18.

The u/16 team again proved in the semi finals of the Beeld/VirSeker competition that they do not know when to give up. They were trailing 28 - 27 with two minutes remaining. In the dying minutes their hooker scored the winning try ensuring a victory against Ligbron with 32 - 28.

Unfortunately the final against Transvalia it was Transvalia who dominated the second half scoring two tries. The final score was 29 - 17 in favour of Transvalia.

Provincial Representatives

Blue Bulls u/19 NoordVaal team : Dandré Nolte

Blue Bulls u/16 NoordVaal team: Eduan Swart

1stXV Results 

1 05-Mar-16 Montana 5 - 10   Loss H  
2 29-Mar-16 Ellisras 43 - 3   Win N Hansie Week
3 31-Mar-16 Lydenburg 17 - 9   Win N Hansie Week
4 02-Apr-16 Zwartkop 15 - 0   Win N Hansie Week
5 09-Apr-16 Frikkie Meyer 22 - 18   Win A  
6 16-Apr-16 John Vorster HTS 15 - 10   Win A  
7 07-May-16 Overkruin 35 - 14   Win H  
8 14-May-16 Tuine 46 - 7   Win H  
9 21-May-16 Die Wilgers 22 - 5   Win H  
10 28-May-16 Pretoria Noord 62 - 3   Win H  
11 23-Jul-16 Pretoria Noord 24 - 5   Win A Bulls Big Schools Final
12 30-Jul-16 Potch Volkskool 21 - 17   Win A  
13 13-Aug-16 Helpmekaar 18 - 30   Loss H Beeld Big Schools Quarter 
  Season Stats :  Average Score 27 - 10        
    Games Played 13            
    Games Won 11   85 %    
    Games Loss 2            
    Games Drawn 0            


The main focus in the start of the season must be the Mauritz Hansen Rugby Week. Oos-Moot 1stXV and u/16 teams won their respective age groups at this Rugby Week. JP Alberts (1stXV) and Eddie Ludick (u/16) was awarded player of the week. Five Oos-Moot players was included in the Mauritz Hansen 1stXV who undertook a tour to Ireland later in the year.. JP Alberts (Tour captain) Ruhan Viljoen, Tiaan Bedford, Ronald van der Wetering and Charles Blacklock was selected. Frikkie Deysel, Therance Kingsburgh and Patrick Erasmus was also included in a combined touring group to Ireland. The 1stXV was also crowned as the PUK series champions. Three players, Marcel Scholten, Frikkie Deysel and JP Albers were selected fot the Noordvaal Bulls team. Al the teams were crowned league champions, nine teams in total. The u/14-A, u/15A-, u/16A- en 1stXV were crowned Bulls Big Schools champions. Unfortunately all the teams were beaten by Helpmekaar in the semi finals of the Beeld trophy against Helpmekaar. JP Alberts represented the Limpopo Bulls u/19 CurrieCup team against the Western Province.


1 07-Mar-15 Ben Vorster 23 - 21   Win H NWU Vaal reeks
2 14-Mar-15 Frikkie Meyer 38 - 13   Win A PUK Vaal Reeks
3 21-Mar-15 Montana 19 - 8   Win H PUK Vaal Reeks
4 07-Apr-15 Jeugland 48 - 0   Win N Hansie week
5 09-Apr-15 Dr Malan 17 - 7   Win N Hansie week
6 11-Apr-15 John Vorster 3 - 0   Win N Hansie week
7 18-Apr-15 John Vorster 13 - 14   Loss H  
8 01-May-15 Wagpos 39 - 0   Win H  
9 09-May-15 Overkruin 17 - 16   Win A Puk Prestige 15-16
10 16-May-15 Tuine 43 - 6   Win H  
11 23-May-15 Gerrit Maritz 83 - 6   Win H  
12 30-May-15 Tuine 61 - 3   Win H  
13 06-Jun-15 Pretoria Noord 29 - 14   Win H  
14 20-Jun-15 Pretoria Noord 44 - 7   Win H Bulls Big Schools Final
15 25-Jul-15 Overkruin 20 - 12   Win H Beeld Big Schools Quarter 
16 08-Aug-15 Klerksdorp 18 - 14   Win A  
17 15-Aug-15 Helpmekaar 14 - 24   Loss H Beeld Big Schools Semi's
  Season Stats :  Average Score 31 - 10        
    Games Played 17            
    Games Won 15   88 %    
    Games Loss 2            
    Games Drawn 0