(Oom) Stephan Brink – Ploegskaar


Stephan Brink you can say is the biggest Boland Landbou supporter. He is not an old boy nor a parent or a past parent of Boland Landbou, but he has always been a huge supporter of the men in black. If girls were allowed to be at Boland Landbou he’s 3 daughters would most definitely have went to Boland Landbouskool.

Stephan never misses a rugby match on the farm. You won’t see him if you don’t go and look for him, he will stand in his corner away from all the parents and old boys just enjoying his rugby. He knows every schoolboy that played first team for Boland Landbou but he also knows almost every other schoolboy who plays rugby in the Western Cape and sometimes even the rest of the country.

He watches schoolboy rugby, not Currie Cup, Super Rugby or the Springboks but schoolboy rugby. He speaks his mind, never holds back and that is why mostly everyone in schoolboy rugby respects him for that. He knows the game, speak to him and you will realize he is not just a supporter but a supporter that knows his rugby. Stephan loves schoolboyrugby, but most of all he is crazy about Boland Landbou!

Stephan is always willing to help and never even expect a thank you for his effort. His contributions in helping boys to achieve their dreams is know by a handfull as he prefers to operate not for recognition but for success.