Now That We Know Who The Big Dogs Are In Kimberley …. Day 2

Waterkloof vs Paarl Gim


The first day's results were more or less what everybody expected. And please not what we wanted, otherwise poor Paul Roos would be looking for gardening piece jobs in the desert. A day that started with Glenwood announcing its claim to the number one spot with Boishaai and Grey College confirming their claim to that ONE spot Paarl Gim is holding. Paarl Gim and their supporters must be nervous but also confident after they saw the challengers. The rankings in brackets is that after day 1 at Wildeklawer was taken into account.


08h00 - Stellenberg (26) - Middelburg HTS (43)

Middelburg HTS who were completely outplayed on day one by Welkom Gim, unfortunately, will find it difficult to win this one. Middelburg HTS must be having their worst season in quite a few years but can never be disregarded. Expect a massive effort from the Rooibulle who will be desperate to turn the four losses in a row around. Stellenberg showed against EG Jansen that they can adapt during a game to counter their opponents game plan but did struggle when EG Jansen used their big forwards to slow down the game. Against Garsfontein at the Noord vs Suid Tournament they did show on the second day against Menlopark that their forwards are capable of countering any physical onslaught but more importantly that they have the backs to score tries from everywhere on the field. 


09h00 - Selborne (12) - Helpmekaar (9)

At Wildeklawer the action is fast and furious and this match will be no exception. Selborne showed against Boishaai that they do have the personnel to compete at the highest level. They play a very conservative but effective game building their attack with phases. Helpmekaar, on the other hand, showed yesterday again that they possess of several game breakers that can score from almost everywhere on the field, loving to throw the ball around combining that with moments of brilliance always makes them a pleasure to watch. At the St John's Festival Nelspruit showed to everybody interested how to beat Helpmekaar. Make the game slow with a conservative but effective game and use the flyhalf's educated boot to keep them pinned down in their own half with a hard and physical defensive effort. The game Selborne play? Calling this one? Are you mad burnt my fingers too many times with this Helpmekaar team.


10h20 - Waterkloof (23) vs Paul Roos (5)

Waterkloof was beaten by the same rugby that is played by Paul Roos. Can we use these two scores to determine a favourite when Boishaai and Paul Roos meet on the 27th of May? Waterkloof will love the fact that nobody will give them a chance in hell to win this one and would certainly have analysed the match between Paul Roos and Affies. Waterkloof showed against Paarl Gym that they will not be a pushover against any opponent and might have found the solution to beat Paul Roos. Unfortunately, as with yesterday Paul Roos should have the edge in all departments and should find Waterkloof a much easier opponent than Affies.


10h20 - Noord Kaap (69) vs EG Jansen (18) - B Field

Noord Kaap showed everybody this whole year that if given the ball in open play they will take your defence apart. On day 1 at Wildeklawer Outeniqua did everything right until they decided it was time to loosen up the game and almost lost. EG Jansen's forwards are not that big but showed that they can play a forward game when necessary AND they do possess of equally talented backs than those of Noord Kaap. I expect a very fast game of tennis, sorry rugby where defence and a conservative game plan will not be in anybody's mind. A crowd pleaser with the winner ..............................


11h30 - Boland Landbou (16) vs Monnas (3)

Monnas started to find their feet at the Kearsney festival and is since on a roll subduing their opponents with their big forwards before ending their hope's with their talented backs. They only managed to score two quick tries at the end of the match against Oakdale. With Boland Landbou I have seen games of brilliance and then...., but on day one against Grey College, not even their biggest fan could complain. Boland gave their best but was simply not good enough on the day. Despite this massive defeat can they surprise against Monnas? Yes, I believe they can but then we need them at their brilliant best and some more. Monnas with an easy win OR ....................?


11h30 - Diamantveld (33) vs Welkom Gim (41) - B Field

Diamantveld was not in any way disgraces in their loss against Helpmekaar on day one of the Wildeklawe Festival, they possess of more than capable players to compete with any super school but unfortunately this early in their rebuilding effort simply do not have the players or depth to beat the. Welkom Gim is no giant in South African schoolboy rugby but they showed that they are as Diamantveld almost there. Welkom Gim plays a similar game as Helpmekaar, who Diamantveld played on day 1 but Helpmekaar has beaten Welkom Gim 31-7 earlier this year. So who has the best backline in this match will play a big role but Diamantveld being the better equipped up front should win it if they can starve Welkom Gim from quality ball and not kick stupid kicks upfield.


12h40 - Boishaai (2) vs Glenwood (6)

Boishaai showed that they prefer running at their opponents rather than following the trend in the Western Cape which is a more conservative approached They showed against Selborne they have the patience to first absorb any physical challenge and unleash their strikers with good quality ball to destroy. Glenwood who was one of the "stars" on day one of the Wildeklawer will find the going a lot tougher than against Garsfontein who is vulnerable against a physical onslaught up front. Their backline who was the stars of the day will find Boishaai's defence a lot more physical and effective. Boishaai should have this one in the bag let's see how good Glenwood really is.


13h50 - Garsfontein (14) vs Oakdale (17)

Garsfontein struggled against a very physical Glenwood who combined the physicality with some slick backline players running Garsfontein's defence in tatters. Against Oakdale, they will again find a very physical side who was only "beaten" in the last fifteen minutes by Monnas. Oakdale must be the favourites BUT Garsfontein will gladly accept this tag just to come back make us all choke on our words.


15h00 - Affies (7) vs Outeniqua (27)

The only words to be written here should be Affies. Simple. Not really Florida showed us that even a "normal" side can beat an Affies side who is clearly struggling to find form, stability in positions and a game plan that is adapted to the players they have. But Affies "should" win this one with ease.


16h10 - Paarl Gim (1) vs Grey College (4)

This is going to be an epic battle. Both Sides had an "easy" day one and both sides will want to show that they are the real no one in the country. Paarl Gim will have the upper hand in the front and must keep the backline of Grey from getting any ball at all. The backline showed against Boland Landbou they can make magic with the poorest ball of them all. Both sides play a simple game plan with Grey perhaps more structured at the back. And know I am going to stop writing as I do not have an idea who is going to be better than the other team at what, let alone who will win this one. All I know this is the reason why I support schoolboy rugby.