Not Your Average Trophy



Koshuis vs Dorp (An Affies Tradition)

Rumours have it that this event was initiated in 1988 when the “Dorp” (Town) and “Koshuis” (Boarding School) boys started competing against each other in rugby, hockey, golf, water polo and cricket.  But today it was all about RUGBY!

As it goes no boy who played more than 5 times for the 1st team (Die Witbulle) can engage in the game of rugby on the field, resulting in many of them becoming self-appointed coaches of the respective two teams.  It is a serious matter and planning for the event was carefully executed over several weeks leading up to the big event.  It ranged from designing jerseys, coaches outfits, strategizing over game plans, as well as regular team practices (which even took place on the public holiday – 9 Aug!).

On the day the pavilions were packed – Koshuis (die Swart Dood) on the one side and Dorp on the opposite side.  Even parents arranged their seating arrangements accordingly. The air was filled with excitement as several cameras were positioned to capture this memorable event.

Match report:

It was a close affair with both teams giving it their all.  Dorp however had territory advantage for most of the first 20 minutes resulting in a try from a good backline move.  Dorp leads 5-0.  Brutal tackles were made all-round and some described it afterwards as the hardest game of the year.  Koshuis hit back in the 27th minute and the score moves to 5-5.  The relentless onslaught by Dorp, driving hard with their forwards see them score another try.  At halftime Dorp leads by 10-5.  Shortly after halftime Dorp again attacks the Koshuis try line with good structured forwards play as the flanker charges over the line.  The conversion kick is good.  Score 17-5 in favour of Dorp.  Koshuis answers and the score moves to 17-12.  In return Dorp scores a try from broken play stretching the lead to 24-12.  Dorp who has been dominating since the onset with a good structured game plan puts the final nail in the Koshuis coffin when they steal a line out ball and goes over to score yet another try.  Final score 32-12. 

At this point the Dorp supporters started to sing “Die Swart Dood (Koshuis) is MORSDOOD”.  Dorp supporters stormed onto the field, claiming the bragging rights for the next year as their team is handed the Illovo cup (a syrup tin that “transformed” into a trophy and dating back to 1988).  It is whispered that this was the biggest margin win ever for Dorp.  Till next year!

And what was the purpose of this you may ask. "Vuurmaak hout vir die ou dag". And if you still do not understand send your boy to Affies and he will.

(Reporters - Gustaf and Yolanda Du Plessis, Photographer - Carel de Nysschen)