Noord/Suid Announce New Fixtures For 2021

The organisers of the Noord/Suid Tournament to be hosted at Affies announced the new dates of the tournament. New dates had to be decided on since the Dept of Education gazetted new dates for 2021.

The tournament will now start on Tuesday 06 April until Saturday 10 April with Thursday 08 April a rest day for the teams.

Tuesday 06 April 2021
08:45 Middelburg HTS 2nds vs Duinelveld 2nds
10:00 Monnas 2nds vs Stellenberg 2nds
11:15 Menlopark 2nds vs Grey College Cherries
12:30 Affies 2nds vs Oakdale 2nds
13:45 Garsfontein 2nds vs Paarl Gim 2nds
15:30 Middelburg HTS 1stXV vs Duineveld 1stXV
16:30 Monnas 1stXV vs Stellenberg 1stXV
18:00 Menlopark 1stXVs vs Grey College 1stXV
19:30 Affies 1stXV vs Oakdale 1stXV

Wednesday 07 April 2021
08:30 Waterkloof 2nds vs Durbanville 2nds
09:45 EG Jansen 2nds vs Welkom Gim 2nds
11:00 Noordheuwel 2nds vs Boishaai 2nds
12:15 Helpmekaar 2nds vs Outeniqua 2nds
13:30 Waterkloof 1stXV vs Durbanville 1stXV
15:00 EG Jansen 1stXV vs Welkom Gim 1stXV
16:30 Garsfontein vs Paarl Gimnasium
18:00 Noordheuwel 1stXV vs Boishaai 1stXV
19:30 Helpmekaar 1stXV vs Outeniqua 1stXV

Friday 09 April 2021
08:00 Middelburg HTS 2nds vs Stellenberg 2nds
09:15 Noordheuwel 2nds vs Durbanville 2nds
10:30 Garsfontein 2nds vs Outeniqua 2nds
11:45 Menlopark 2nds vs Oakdale 2nds
13:00 Affies 2nds vs Welkom Gim 2nds
14:15 EG Jansen 2nds vs Grey Cherries
15:30 Monnas 2nds vs Boishaai 2nds
16:45 Helpmekaar 2nds vs Paarl Gim 2nds
18:00 Middelburg HTS 1stXV vs Stellenberg 1stXV
19:30 Menlopark 1stXV vs Oakdale 1stXV

Saturday 10 April 2020
08:00 Waterklood 2nds vs Duineveld 2nds
09:15 Waterkloof 1stXV vs Duineveld 1stXV
10:45 Noorheuwel 1stXV vs Durbanville 1stXV
12:15 Helmekaar 1stXV vs Paarl Gim 1stXV
13:45 Monnas 1stXV vs Boishaai 1stXV
15:15 Garsfontein 1stXV vs Outeniqua 1stXV
16:45 EG Jansen 1stXV vs Grey 1stXV
18:15 Affies 1stXV vs Welkom Gim 1stXV