NMI Noord/Suid Rugby Festival Day 3 Match Reports


Garsfontein 19-19 Boishaai - Boishaai Draws Against Garsfontein In Excellent Match-up

The match, which was the 100th for Sean Erasmus as Boishaai's coach, started at a high tempo and Garsfontein soon forced a penalty in Boihaai’s half from which they kicked 3 points to take an early lead.  Boishaai then forced a penalty in Garsfontein’s half and attacked from the resultant penalty lineout taken, to score a converted try beating the Garsfontein defence out wide with clever play to open their scoring tally at 3-7.

Garsfontein then forced another penalty within the Boishaai half which they kicked to increase their score to 6-7.  Boishaai again kicked for the line from a penalty awarded and scored another try from another effective driving maul to take their score to 6-12 with 16 minutes left in the half.  Garsfontein then managed to keep Boishaai pinned in their half with attacking runs by the forwards and backs but the solid Boishaai defence held up well. 

Garsfontein then forced a penalty from a good counter ruck which they kicked to take the score to 9-12.  Boishaai struggled to get any good momentum going due to the tenacious Garsfontein defence which turned over possession at crucial times.  Garsfonyetin scored a brilliant converted try after excellent interplay between the forwards and backs in the Boishaai quarter which resulted in Garsfointein beating the Boushaai defence down the side-line to take a 16-12 lead at halftime.

The second half started with Garsfonetin taking the match to Boishaai by keeping Boishaai pinned in their half for the first 20 minutes forcing them to commit penalties with good pressure play by their heavier pack of forwards and speedsters in their backline.  Boishaai finally managed to play into Garsfontein’s quarter with by taking a penalty lineout which they lost.  They then attacked the Garsfontein try line again but Garsfontein managed to turn the ball and play themselves out of trouble.

Boishaai managed to kick another penalty lineout from where they used their driving maul to score a converted try taking the lead again at 16-19 with 5 minutes left to play.  Garsfontein then relentlessly attacked the Boishaai try line but the excellent Boishaai defence held up until a penalty was given against them which Garsfontein kicked to draw this very exciting and entertaining match 19-19.

Grey College 57-37 Waterkloof - Grey College Beat Waterkloof In Try Fest

The match started with Grey playing into Waterkloof’s half and applying immediate pressure with attacking runs using good interplay between their forward and backline players.  Waterkloof used rush defence to effectively foil some scoring opportunities by Grey and it took them 9 minutes to score their first try which was converted. 

Waterkloof managed to force two penalties in Grey’s half which they kicked to give them 6 points on the scoreboard.  Grey attacked into Waterkloof’s quarter and broke their defence to score another try to take the score to 12-6.  They then scored another try when they stole the ball from Waterkloof’s lineout just inside their try line increasing their lead to 19-6. 

Waterkloof then managed to attack up to the Grey try line after being awarded numerous penalties and scored a very good try from repeated phase play to take their score to 19-11.  They managed to keep Grey pinned in their half for a few minutes until Grey ran the ball from their half after taking a quick tap from a penalty and scored a converted try which took the score to 26-11 at halftime.

The second half saw Grey attacking into Waterkloof’s quarter again and increasing the tempo of the play.  They crossed the Waterkloof try line again after strong attacking runs to take their lead to 33-11.   Waterkloof refused to lie down and played into Grey’s quarter again forcing more penalties.  They scored a converted try after they managed to beat the Grey backline defence. 

Grey then scored a very good try after collecting a kick and counter-attacking down the side-line beating the Waterkloof defence.  They were now comfortable in the lead with 38-18.  Waterkloof started to waiver against the relentless Grey attacking play and Grey scored another try to take the score to 43-18 with 16 minutes left on the clock.  

Waterkloof however managed to score a somewhat easy converted try after quickly attacking into Grey’s quarter taking their score to 43-25.  Grey replied with another very good backline try after pressuring Waterkloof on their try line.  Waterkloof then scored a brilliant individual try after the centre ran right through the Grey defence in their quarter breaking a number of tackles.  The score was then 50-30 with 9 minutes of play remaining.

Grey however upped the attacking tempo again and scored another try which was followed by a try by Waterkloof to end off the try fest match at 57-37.

Menlopark 15-31 Drostdy HTSA Nimble HTS Drostdy Outplays A Heavy Menlopark

Menlo started the match with pressure play in Drostdy’s half and was rewarded with a penalty in the first 4 minutes which they kicked to open their scoring tally 3-0.  Drostdy soon found themselves defending their try line again but managed to play themselves out of trouble with their nippy backline players.  They gained territory into Menlo’s half from where they scored a well-worked converted try beating the Menlo defence out wide.

Menlo soon responded by using their heavier forward pack to score a converted driving maul try to take the score to 10-7.  Drostdy then played themselves up to the Menlo try line twice using their lighter and more agile players to find gaps in the Menlo defence.  Menlo managed to defend their line the first time but Drostdy managed to score a good driving maul try the second time taking the lead 10-14 which was the halftime score.

The second half started with Menlo trying to play out of their half with Drostdy preventing them from getting good momentum going.  Drostdy played a loose game to avoid the heavier Menlo forwards and managed to counter them in the scrums.  Menlo scored a try under the sticks after quick play in the Drostdy quarter and a determined run through the Drostdy defence to take the score to 15-14.

Menlo was soon repeatedly attacking the Drostdy try line again but the Drostdy defence held up very well.  Drostdy played themselves out of trouble and pinned Menlo in their half from where they were awarded a penalty which they kicked to retake the lead 15-17.  Drostdy then scored a try beating the Menlo defence out wide. 

They then scored a brilliant try from a scrum feed in the Menlo half again beating the Menlo defence out wide to increase their lead to 15-31 which was the final score

Affies 2 38-00 Durbanville 2

Glenwood 2 03-33 Paarl Gim 2

Garsfontein 2 26-28 Boishaai 2

Grey College 2 50-07 Waterkloof 2

Helpmekaar 2 09-24 Paul Roos 2

EG Jansen 2 05-31 Stellenberg 2

Menlopark 2 00-20 Drostdy HTS 2

Article by Francois du Toit