New Zealand Players Asked To Behave

New Zealand Rugby's referees boss Bryce Lawrence urged players to show more respect for those who hold the whistle the New Zealand Herald reported.

According to Lawrence, there have been several incidents of crowding of referees or hostile behaviour through Super Rugby Aotearoa by aggrieved players.

The latest incident came after the Chiefs captain Sam Cane, scrumhalf Aaron Cruden and midfielder Anton Lienert-Brown all surrounded referee Brendon Pickerill after he refused to refer a match-winning "try" scored by the Chiefs and rather awarded the Blues a match-saving penalty when the time was already up on the clock.

Lawrence has no issue with Cane's input, given his role, but questions the behaviour of the other players.

"I've got massive respect for Sam Cane as a captain and so have the referees and he challenges normally very appropriately and very well. So I don't have an issue with Sam Cane," Lawrence said.

"I definitely have an issue when other players who aren't the captain come running in and asking the referee to do things and telling the referee how to referee the game. And demanding the referee do things. And I personally don't like the way some players are challenging the referees in quite a hostile body language and verbally."

"That's something we will review at the end of this competition because I know there's a wide range of rugby people that aren't that thrilled with the way some of that behaviour is going at the moment," Lawrence added.