New Education Department Dates Reason To Cancel All Youth Weeks

Photo by Jorina Raath/

We have confirmed that all youth tournaments is to be cancelled for 2020 by SARU. SARU's initial backup plans included a proposal to host the u/18 Craven Week and u/16 Grant Khomo week during the September holidays with a SA Schools and SA Schools "A" team to play each other at the Nelspruit test between the Springboks and the All Blacks.

The decision taken was expected as the latest document from the education department does not make it possible to host such events. According to the latest documents, the June vacation for matriculants will only be for five days, with the September vacation shortened to only one day.

The dates for the schools to resume are as follow:
Grades 12 & 7 - 06 May 2020
Grades 11 & 6 - 20 May 2020
Grades 10 & 5 - 03 June 2020
Grades 9 & 4 - 17 June 2020
Grade 8 & 3 - 01 July 2020
Grades 2 & 1 - 8 Jule 2020
Grade R - 15 July 2020

These dates are subject to the current lockdown rules being cancelled and new regulations allow the schools to reopen.