Nations Cup Could, But, Perhaps ….. Regtig Bill?


The newly elected Chairman of World Rugby, Bill Beaumont said while plans were still in the "embryo" stages, there were arguments for moving the current July and November windows to allow consecutive periods of Test rugby to accommodate a Nations Cup.

SANZAAR had been broadly supportive of the proposal and the Nations Cup was one of the major reason for their support of Augustine Pichot as chairman in the election last week.

Plans for a Nations Championship had previously been "postponed" with the Six Nations teams protesting the possibility of promotion-relegation.

As expected Beaumont is looking to calm down the feelings of the Southern Hemisphere after the defeat of their candidate in the recent elections. But in doing so he was also clear that his supporters, the Northern Hemisphere will have the final say regarding anything and everything in World Rugby.

Beaumont said on Sunday that "My job is to get hopefully consensus from everyone in the game," he said."I do think there is an appetite from the Six Nations to look at a Nations Cup.

"I think certainly I haven't had any discussions (about moving the window), nobody's mentioned the Six Nations would move the timescale but what would move would be the July and November window.

"Why would you move the Six Nations? The Six Nations is owned by the Six Nations and has been going for 150-odd years. Certainly, that would not be the intention currently. It is not affecting anyone else’s window on the global calendar."

"These are very much in the embryo stage at the moment," he said.
"What has stimulated the debate is the position regarding this year where we do not know when any games will take place, we just don't know.

"The north could go south one month and immediately afterwards the south could come north next month, bearing in mind we would have to take all stakeholders with us.

"In the north, we have to take the club game with you, we have to take the European game with us. We are in dialogue with all the stakeholders.
"There could be a competition between all the countries that play in those two windows.

"Sitting below that a subsidiary competition that involves all the emerging nations, another competition and you could well have promotion-relegation in that."

Beaumont said player welfare would be considered a high priority in any plans moving forward, with the workload of potentially playing a string of Tests together.