Menlopark Rugby Festival Fixtures Released


Menlopark used the disappointment of not being invited to the 2023 Wildeklawer Rugby Festival to organise their own festival as part of their 60th celebrations.

Schools that will participate are Menlopark, Waterkloof, Noord Kaap, Trio, Transvalia and Heidelberg Volkies.

29 April 2023
08:00 u/14 Menlopark vs Noord Kaap
09:00 u/14 Waterkloof vs Transvalia
10:00 u/14 Trio vs Heideberg Volkskool
11:00 u/15 Menlopark vs Noord Kaap
12:00 u/15 Waterkloof vs Transvalia
13:00 u/15 Trio vs Heidelberg Volkskool
14:00 u/16 Menlopark vs Noord Kaap
15:00 u/16 Waterkloof vs Transvalia
16:00 u/16 Trio vs Heidelberg Volkskool
17:00 1stXV Waterkloof vs Transvalia
18:15 1stXV Trio vs Heidelberg Volkskool
19:30 1stXV Menlopark vs Noord Kaap

01 May 2023
08:00 u/14 Waterkloof vs Noord Kaap
09:00 u/15 Waterkloof vs Noord Kaap
10:00 u/16 Waterkloof vs Noord Kaap
11:00 1stXV Waterkloof vs Noord Kaap
12:15 u/14 Trio vs Transvalia
13:15 u/15 Trio vs Transvalia
14:15 u/16 Trio vs Transvalia
15:15 1stXV Trio vs Transvalia
16:30 u/14 Menlopark vs Heidelberg Volkskool
17:30 u/15 Menlopark vs Heidelberg Volkskool
18:30 u/16 Menlopark vs Heidelberg Volkskool
19:30 1stXV Menlopark vs Heidelberg Volkskool