Lions Lose Battle To Retain Malcolm Marx

Photo by Jorina Raath/

According to the Rapport newspaper, the Lions has lost the battle to keep Malcolm Marx in Johannesburg. He will join Frans Ludeke at Kubota Spears in Japan. 

Marx, who cancelled his agreement with the Lions during the 21-day clause and the Lions was in negotiations since 14 May 2020. The 21-day clause was part of an agreement between SARU and players whereby the players had 21 days to cancel their contracts with local teams to negotiate better contracts with overseas clubs.

The Lions initially accepted Marx's cancellation of his contract, but a few days later announced that as his contract was only set to commence on the 1st July 2020 his contract was not part of the 21-day agreement. 

An employee of the Lions conceded to the Rapport that the Lions did everything they could to retain the service of Marx but lost the battle as Marx's agent was not willing to accept the Lions offer.