Kiwi’s To Go It Alone In Future?


According to The New Zealand Herald, it has been confirmed that Super Rugby as we know it is destined for the history books as officials scramble to create a new competition to allow some form of rugby to be played this year.

According to sources within New Zealand Rugby an all New Zealand-based competition is planned and will include the five existing Super Rugby franchises. “We need to work out just how many professional teams New Zealand can afford.” the source said.

A competition of eight teams is proposed and teams from Australia and Fiji “may or may not” be included but South Africa and Argentina will not be included.

According to the Herald, the major drive behind this new proposed competition is the desire to keep the New Zealand national players in New Zealand competitions.

“We don’t want the Brazil [football] model,” an NZR official said. “Where all your top players are in clubs offshore. We’re determined to keep as many of our All Blacks here as we can.”

No final decisions have been made as everybody waits on the Aratipu review into Super Rugby. A preliminary report will be presented to the board by the end of June 2020.