Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival Gets An International Flavour


The provisional fixtures for the Kearsney Easter Tugby Festival to be hosted at Kearsney College from 06 April until 10 April 2023 were released.

An interesting addition to the festival is the 1stXV from Hartpury College from Gloucester in the United Kingdom.

Dale College is welcomed back to the festival as is newbies Worcester Gim while Selborne College will be missing as they have decided to make the trip to Johannesburg to attend the KES Festival.


06 April 2023

Dale College vs Kearsney College
DHS vs Worcester Gim
EG Jansen vs Hartpury (UK)
Framesby vs Monnas
Glenwood vs Marlow
Noord Kaap vs Westville

08 April 2023

Dale College vs Glenwood
DHS vs Framesby
EG Jansen vs Kearsney
Hartpury (UK) vs Westville
Marlow vs Worcester Gim
Monnas vs Noord Kaap

10 April 2023

Dale College vs Monnas
DHS vs Marlow
EG Jansen vs Westville
Framesby vs Noord Kaap
Glenwood vs Worcester Gim
Hartpury (UK) vs Kearsmey College