“It Will Be A Bit Of A Dog Fight At Loftus On Saturday” – Devon Williams


Vodacom Bulls fullback Devon Williams said the Bulls can capitalise on the home-ground advantage against Connacht on Saturday at 17:00 (SA Time).

“When we are overseas they know how to target certain areas of our game and I think it’s the same when they come here, it’s going to be a bit of a dogfight,” William said.

“There’s certain areas of the game they can target to slow us down because the heat plays a huge role here."

“I think they’ll have something up their sleeves to change the game a little bit in their favour. But it opens up more opportunities [for us] to throw the ball around a little more and if we can speed up the tempo, it’ll be difficult for them to keep up in the heat and with the altitude."

“We took a lot of positives from the tour but now it’s to convert those positives and make Loftus our fortress and not give away any points here.”

On his personal development since joining the Vodacom Bulls Williams said: “Making the step is up to the player, and the guys around me have made it quite easy for me to step up and just slot in. But it was easy to adapt with a great group of guys whose doors are always open."

“Both franchises give you the platform to express yourself, but it’s up to the individual what you do about that. The Pumas and the Bulls approach the game with different styles, and preparation is more in-detail focused here at the Bulls while the Pumas are a broader spectrum.”

“I definitely think it’s important for guys to see myself and Sebastian and the captain of Griquas [Hanru Sirgel] who’s playing for the Lions now, to see that there is gateways to get to the top and not feel like they’ve stagnated [at smaller unions].”