Is The Liquidation Of The Kings A Underhand Plot By SARU?

The weekly updated for the week ending 20 Sept 2020 was again overshadowed by the liquidation of the Kings and a WP management that is not acting in good faith.

Bart is normally the friendly guy but his involvement at the Kings and their players had him fuming. He hits out at SARU, My Players as well as the management of the Kings which indicated that non of the abovementioned parties had the well being of players and staff on their mind when they make decisions.

We question the legality of the liquidation process followed by the unions and SARU and question why My Players never intervene although it was obvious that the decisionmakers at SARU and the Unions were not acting in good faith.

Is the liquidation of the Kings, not an easy legal way out for SARU when the decision has to be made on the four Pro14 franchises, is asked.

There were six, now there are five. How will SARU get rid of the last one?