I Told You So – Eastern Cape Region 21 May 2017


"To all, myself included that did not think the Eastern Cape schoolboy rugby is substandard to the rest of South Africa, think again. The Eastern Cape's schools will and should compete with the rest of the country. And after trying to determine who will end up as the no1 school in the Eastern Cape, I have one answer, there is no clear favourite and anyone playing Graeme College must bring their best otherwise ................" - 25 March 2017

The only thing missing in that statement made on the 25th of March 2017 is whenever I eat pancakes at a rugby match I still want to marry the auntie who's recipe was used at the Graeme's Rugby Festival.

At this festival, I predicted that this region is going to be responsible for big surprises and the competition between the schools in the Eastern Cape is going to very very close. Last weekend Dale did the impossible by beating Selborne. Big surprise. And then Selborne did that I wish I had predicted but never saw this one coming.

Selborne picked themselves up and beat Grey College to cause maybe the upset of the season. A lot has been said about how bad Grey College was and then last night a wise man said to me you are as bad as your opponents force you to be. Selborne beats Grey College 20-19 by putting everything they had and more into the game to disrupt a struggling Grey College.

Grey PE had to work very hard to beat a Graeme College who won almost everything except for the match. Grey PE certainly knows how to win a game and if we deduct that silly intercepts try the score would have been 15-15. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately maybe's does not count during a match.

Kingswood took the opportunity to treat others like others treats them by handing Port Rex a decent hiding winning 49-24. Dale scored their fifth win in a row beating Grens 38-5 and St Andrew's beating Cambridge 33-10 to make it four in a row.

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