Helpmekaar, Oos Moot And Eldoraigne With Big Wins


Helpmekaar came off a three week rest period forced on them by several teams withdrawing against this powerhouse of Gauteng. Everybody, myself included though that Waterkloof would give Helpies a run for their money and that the game should only be decided in the last quarter of the game. Helpmekaar answered all and everybody who raised eyes when their position on the' rankings was discussed with a resounding win of 45-8 dominating all the facets of the game. Garsies beware.

Eldoraigne's victory against John Vorster with 93-0 must have felt like beating a 103-year old blind dog with a lamp pole. John Vorster clearly not the school it used to be and definitely not a serious competitor at Macro School levels. Oos Moot's situation is almost as bad as their request to move up to the Macro School League is being denied year after year and empty victories like the one against Overkruin of 84-10 this serves as justification that the Noorvaal league system needs some serious rethinking.

Garsfontein is clearly busy reaching their top form and their biggest victory against Menlopark 66-21 must serve as a clear warning to all who want to keep the Garsfontein from being crowned as VirSeker Champions. EG Jansen is showing some good form beating Kempton Park 52-24 in a one side match. EG must be the favourite to win their league as no real opposition is visible.

Centurion is the leading team in the Macro B league of the Bulls and this time it was Zwartkop to suffer. Centurion winning 30-6. Alberton scored another convincing win 33-20 this time against Jan Viljoen.

Potch Gim won 32-18 against Poch Volkies with Lichtenburg running like a Lister when warm beating Westvalia 48-18. Ben Vorster and Pietersburg scored convincing victories against Merensky 43-11 and Tom Naude 36-12 respectively.

Affies had an easy game beating a game but unfortunately sub-par, Jeppe 52-22 and KES won everything on the field except on the scoreboard losing 19-24 to a Monnas team that did win the game with their excellent defence. But Monnas did score the tries and showed that KES's backline is vulnerable against a quality attack that runs hard at them. 

An exciting weekend with tons of action.

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