Helpmekaar (28) Fights Off An Excellent Garsfontein (27)

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In a match where both teams are known for their fast backs willing to throw the ball around and to attack from anywhere all expected an open and fast, very fast game full of action. But this game was won in the dark scary sanctuary of the big men, up front and on the ground.

The first half was typical of a heavyweight boxing match with two of the top 1stXV's in the country feeling each other out. Garsfontein maybe unlucky to not lead at this stage with Helpmekaar scoring an intercept try by Oosthuizen against the run of play. Although we saw some good footwork by the backs of both teams it was clear that this match was being decided up front.

Wesley Thomson big centre of Garsfontein came into play more and more with his strong carries as the smaller backs was stopped with ease. Garsfontein at this stage was doing good taking into account that they played for 20 minutes with only 14 men due to yellow cards. 

In the second half Garsfontein continued their dominance in the scrums resulting in Helpmekaar's backline receiving the ball under pressure.The first 10 minutes of the second half did not provide a lot of excitement with both teams reverting more and more to kicks to break the defensive structure of the opponents.

Later in the second half the game loosened up with both teams spreading the ball wide. This game was so close that the match was to be decided by a 57 meter penalty kick by Garsfontein, which was just missed leaving Helpmekaar the winner with 28-27.

Stars this time mostly forwards with the name of Mark Snyman #6 from Helpies and Ruben Roodt #6 of Garsfontein to be mentioned as these two boys was very good and influencial. A physical match with a lot of penalties entertaining the crowd till the last second. I do not think anybody would have been upset if Garsfontein won, that is how close these two teams were.



Helpmekaar: 28(15) Tries: van Tonder, Oosthuizen, van Deventer. Conversions: Oosthuizen(2).  Penalties: Oosthuizen(3).

Garsfontein: 27(15)  Tries: Appollis(2), Scheepers, Thompson. Conversion: Thompson.  Penalties: Thompson, Schoombie.