Heinrich Veldsman – Coach or Dad?



"I believe as a coach it is my responsibility to assist my players, using rugby as medium, in their development from a boy to a man. If I install all the values that rugby provide us in my players, I believe that they will develop in men with good values and character. This results in all involved, players and coaches,  striving to reach the same goals. The real victory is not reflected on the score board but rather in rugby changing the lives and futures of my players. Victory on the rugby field is nice but not as satisfying as a victory in a changed life and future of my players."

Heinrich Veldsman

"Heinrich studied Studied Sport Coaching Science and is a level 2 IRB coach who has 10 years' experience as a coach. 

Heinrich is a very strict but fair coach who put his players' interests first. He  believes in holistic development as a coaching approach. Just as the player must develop on the field he should also be developed in all other areas, eg. if there is a drop in academic achievements in the group, extra academic classes will be organised for the player/team to improve academically.

The social landscape of the Kraaifontein community is very palpable for several elements and this is where Heinrich's absolute passion for children plays such a vital role. He make sure that rugby contributes to the boys development and inspire them to believe that they are just as good as any other boy of his age. Many of the children's home environment is missing a father figure and Heinrich will help with homework and other common problems they may encounter in their lives.

The individual is guided to develop itself to become a better player and person, but also to function optimally in a team setting. The player's discipline should be developed in all facets of the game, but also learned that at the end you have to love what you do. The most time is spent to develop the players on the field and off the field so that everyone should enjoy the game.

Heinrich's team won the last 4 years the "Team of the Year" at Monument Park and the U / 19A team is the team that scored the most points in a season over five years. His coaching style makes creative rugby winning rugby. He did not always the have the strongest, largest and most talented players, but confidently punches weekend after weekend far above their weight. Under his guidance Monument Park produced the school's firsr provincial player in 24 years. In 2014 an u/16 Grant Khomo Week player with 2015 and 2016 a player in the Western Province LSEN team. This player was included in the SA LSEN team that participated in the Academy Week for U / 19 players.

Rugby for Heinrich does not stop with the final whistle. After each training session and  game, Heinrich spend hours analysing each player's and the team's performance. Providing this information to his players has led to everybody involved, constantly enquiring about their statistics always trying to improve their own performance.

Heinrich's knowledge of the game is that of a person a lot more experienced than himself. He firmly believes that training and playing must only take place within the rules. His greatest asset is that he was involved in all facets of rugby. He was a player and he also served as referee. He also has a very serious approach to Boksmart ensuring the safety of his players. He is open to learning and listens carefully to everyone before a decision will be made.

He is indeed a ambassador for rugby as a whole and also a father to his players."

EC Perry
Western Province Referee Executive