Glenwood High School Expell Four Over-Aged Pupils


Glenwood High School has announced that they removed four boys who falsified their documents and misrepresented their age to gain admission to Glenwood High School. Glenwood did a bone-density test according to our sources to determine the true age of these boys.

These boys were partly the reason for DHS cancelling all ties with Glenwood earlier this year. DHS paid for their tuition at Glenwood Prep but they decided to rather attend Glenwood High School than DHS.

Noël Ingle, head of Glenwood prep issued a statement this morning that two boys that attended Glenwood prep in 2018 and 2019 were over-aged. Their true age is said to be 18 and what makes matters worse is that they represented the KZN u/13 Craven Week team in 2019, with one scoring a hat trick of tries in the "final" against Western Province in Nelspruit.

In another similar case, Maritzburg College expelled a boy recently for also misrepresenting his age.