Garsfontein I Apologise



Garsfontein Hoërskool was again implicated in an article published last week on this website. I approached Garsfontein Hoërskool to clarify the accusations of "poaching" as a lot of views was expressed for and against the "behaviour" of the school and its employees in the past.

The writer of the said article is well known and respected by myself and I had no reason to question his article, however, we received some additional information from various sources that justifiably questioned some of the points made in the article.

During our investigation, we received in writing replies from the parents of two of the boys in question. We would like to use this opportunity to set the facts straight. In order to protect the boys, we will use their initials.

First, a boy named EP. Garsfontein was accused that he was poached from Swartland. However, his mother confirmed in writing that Garsfontein never approached him. EP was in another school in Pretoria and she approached Garsfontein to accommodate him - for a number of reasons. Garsfontein, in lieu of their transformation programme, granted the request.

A second accusation was made that a second boy named KJ now in grade 11 was poached by Garsfontein. However, his parents confirmed in writing that Garsfontein actually approached them when KJ was still in primary school - grade 6. At that time they, however, felt their son was too young to leave. Last year they asked Garsfontein whether the offer still stands as KJ felt ready and expressed an interest to transfer to Garsfontein. It was also reported that KJ is unhappy. Again, further investigation revealed that it indeed is not the case.

It was also reported that a boy named DH met with an agent in Malmesbury and that agent was representing Garsfontein. Information has come to the fore that unlike several other schools, Garsfontein does not make use of agents and that the person that stand accused was in fact in Pretoria.

I want to use this opportunity to apologise to for any inconvenience Ruggas may have caused the involved parties.