Garsfontein Hoërskool



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Fixtures 2017

07-Mar-17 Garsfontein 0 - 0 Diamantveld Bulls 25min
11-Mar-17 Rustenburg 0 - 0 Garsfontein Tuks Series
18-Mar-17 EG Jansen 0 - 0 Garsfontein Tuks Series
25-Mar-17   0 - 0   Tuks Quarters
01-Apr-17 Garsfontein 0 - 0 Paarl Gim Noord/Suid Pta
04-Apr-17 Garsfontein 0 - 0 Boland Landbou Noord/Suid Pta
22-Apr-17   0 - 0   Tuks Semis
29-Apr-17 Glenwood 0 - 0 Garsfontein Wildeklawer
01-May-17 Garsfontein 0 - 0 Oakdale Wildeklawer
06-May-17   0 - 0   Tuks Finals
27-May-17 Garsfontein 0 - 0 Menlopark  
03-Jun-17 Garsfontein 0 - 0 Helpmekaar  
29-Jul-17   0 - 0   VirSeker
29-Jul-17 Garsfontein 0 - 0 King College  
05-Aug-17   0 - 0   VirSeker
12-Aug-17   0 - 0   VirSeker Quarters
19-Aug-17   0 - 0   VirSeker Semis
26-Aug-17   0 - 0   VirSeker Finals


2017 - Preview

After the "arrival" of Garsfontein as a power in school boy rugby everybody will watch them during the 2017 season. A lot of questions is asked regarding the sustainability of the school's rugby successes.

With players like Carl du Plessis and CJ Steinhobel the only two players returning, Garsfontein will be tested as they will most probably have a young and inexperienced side. Diego Apolis and Juandre Scheepers will lead the current u/16's bid for 1stXV selection and could become instant stars.

Just a warning to all teams underestimating this Garsfontein side. With coaches like Tjaart van der Walt and Johan du Plessis in charge Garsfontein will be a force to be reckoned with. With the correct structures in place and passion for the history of the "Bere" Garsfontein is going to maintain their status as one of the BIG BOYS.


Garsfontein is a relatively new school situated east of the city centre of Pretoria. Hoërskool Garsfontein opened in January 1988 with 310 learners and 15 staff members. The first permanent headmaster, NJ Pepler, was appointed in 1989. The school grew significantly  and it became well-known and established as a dynamic academic establishment in the community of eastern Pretoria. 

Garsies is a young school, but they have established themselves as an up-and-coming and competitive team in the tough leagues of school rugby in Pretoria. Rugby is growing every year at Garsies, and the school currently has sixteen teams with numbers growing every year.

During the earlier years garsfontein did not compete in the macro school's leaugue. Garsies have had success in the PUK Prestige series, with several teams winning in their respective age groups. The second team made history in 2008, winning the first title for Garsies at under-19 level with a final victory against Zwartkop. A single victory in the Coke-series also belongs to Garsies in 2002.

In 2010 Garsfontein was hammered by both Waterkloof and Menlopark in rugby. After those results everything changed. Garsfontein lost learners to the other schools – normal learners, not just sports star. The school’s very existence in current form came under threat as they lost numbers. Garsfontein lost funding from the state and thus state funded teachers on a large scale. This was their incentive for recruiting with bursaries.

After and extensive recruiting drive, for which Garsfontein was heavily critisised, the results started coming in. In 2013 Garsfontein's u/16A was crowned as the Beeld Macro School champions. In 2015 and 2016 Garsfonteins 1stXV was crown Beeld Macro Schools champions. Garsfontein was invited to the Wildeklawer Tournament in 2016 which must confirm their arival as one of the big guns in school boy rugby.


SA U/20 : Embrose Papier, Jan-Henning Campher and Franco Naude

PROVINCIAL : Lourens Erasmus, Franco Naude and Ruan Ackerman


After another exciting and successfull year Garsfontein confirmed their intension to be a force to be reckoned with.

The highligt of the season must be the defense of the u/19 Beeld Macro Schools Trophy which Garsfontein hosted. For the first time in the history Garsfontein competed in three categories (O/14, O/16 & 1stXV) in the finals. Only the u/14's could not win on the day.  The win against Paarl Gymnasium at the Noord/Suid tournament must also rate as one of the big wins of the season.

Garsfontein was also crowned as Blue Bulls Macro Schools champions in the 1stXV, 2ndXV,  3rdXV, 5thXV and u/16A categories. During the Tuks series Garsfontein ended 2nd overall with the u/14A and 2ndXV being crowned as champions.

SA u/20 : Ambrose Papier

SA Schools : PJ Steenkamp and Emilio Adonis

SA Schools Academy : Ryno Pieterse, Austin Davids and Abner van Reenen

Provincial Players : 

u/18 Blue Bulls Craven Week : Ryno Pieterse, Austin Davids, PJ Steenkamp, Luke Fortuin, Emilio Adonis, Shaun Williams, Abner van Reenen, Calderon Levens en Lincoln Daniels.

u/18 Blue Bulls Academy Week : Hendré Eloff en Bjorken Hendricks.

u/19 Blue Bulls Noord Vaal team : Bees Ferreira en CJ Steinhobel

u/16 Blue Bulls Grant Khomo Week : Aldo Landsberg, Diego Apolis, Juandré Scheepers, Juandre Sabbat and Jurich Claasen.

Blue Bulls u/16 B : Gustav Meyer, Alexander Bester, Henko Botha, Christiaan Grobler and Brailon Brandt.


1stXV Results

1 05-Mar-16 Menlopark 56 - 17   Win H  
2 12-Mar-16 EG Jansen 33 - 43   Lost A  
3 19-Mar-16 Outeniqua 35 - 24   Win H Noord/Suid
4 22-Mar-16 Paarl Gim 15 - 13   Win H Noord/Suid
5 09-Apr-16 Marais Viljoen 71 - 0   Win A  
6 16-Apr-16 Eldoraigne 31 - 22   Win A Tuks QF
7 23-Apr-16 Monnas 11 - 29   Lost N Tuks Semi's
8 30-Apr-16 Grey College 13 - 31   Lost N Wildeklawer
9 02-May-16 Stellenberg 19 - 18   Win N Wildeklawer
10 07-May-16 EG Jansen 36 - 39   Lost N Tuks 3rd/4th
11 21-May-16 Helpmekaar 17 - 24   Lost A  
12 28-May-16 Menlopark 39 - 24   Win H  
13 04-Jun-16 Waterkloof 50 - 10   Win A  
14 23-Jul-16 Helpmekaar 22 - 23   Lost A  
15 13-Aug-16 Rustenburg 46 - 16   Win A Beeld QF Macro
16 23-Aug-16 Monnas 35 - 20   Win H Beeld Semi Macro
17 27-Aug-16 EG Jansen 32 - 28   Win H Beeld Final Macro
  Season Stats :  Average Score 33 - 22        
    Games Played 17            
    Games Won 11   65 %    
    Games Lost 6            
    Games Drawn 0            


1stXV Results

1 07-Mar-15 Ermelo 45 - 17   Win H  
2 14-Mar-15 Marais Viljoen 55 - 7   Win N  
3 21-Mar-15 Kempton Park 27 - 30   Lost N  
4 02-Apr-15 Lions Inv 106 - 7   Win H St Johns
5 04-Apr-15 Nelspruit 16 - 28   Lost N St Johns
6 06-Apr-15 Paarl Boishaai 9 - 32   Lost N St Johns
7 08-Apr-15 Oureniqua 10 - 27   Lost N Noord/Suid
8 11-Apr-15 Paarl Gim 24 - 48   Lost A Noord/Suid
9 18-Apr-15 Pieterburg 46 - 17   Win A  
10 01-May-15 EG Jansen 31 - 47   Lost N  
11 09-May-15 Nelspruit 31 - 26   Win N  
12 16-May-15 Waterkloof 27 - 25   Win A  
13 23-May-15 Menlopark 31 - 21   Win H  
14 25-Jul-15 Helpmekaar 26   22   Win H  
15 08-Aug-15 Nelspruit 48   36   Win H  
16 18-Aug-15 Monnas 37 - 36   Win H Beeld Semi Macro
17 22-Aug-15 Middelburg HTS 42 - 40   Win A Beeld Final Macro
  Season Stats :  Average Score 36 - 27        
    Games Played 17            
    Games Won 11   65 %    
    Games Loss 6            
    Games Drawn 0