Four Matches That Could Go Either Way

Photo by Jorina Raath/

This Monday we are blessed with four matches that could go down to the wire. The four top sides take each other on in matches that will determine the positions in the playoffs, which will be vital. The Pukke has a bye with the bottom four teams in their own battles. An exciting day of Varsity cup to just sit down with a beer, relax and enjoy some ruppy.

Maties vs Ikeys

The true quality of Maties rugby was maybe unfairly boosted by the fact that they played the minnows in the first five weeks of the 2020 Varsity Cup. Their next three weeks will see them play Ikeys, Pukke and Wits with Pukke and Wits away from home.

Today they will host an unbeaten Ikeys team that will be their second big test of the season. The Ikeys is still unbeaten but two draws against Wits and CUT see them in the third position on the log.

Maties should earn the full five points but it will be interesting to see how far the Ikeys can push them.


CUT host UWC and will be a very confident and difficult opponent after their win against neighbours Shimlas (35-14) last Monday. UWC had a bye last Monday and will still be limping after the 77-5 thrashing by Maties two weeks ago.

CUT is quickly shedding the image of the wannabee and is growing each year in stature. An easy win for CUT with the relegation threat becoming very real for UWC.

Wits vs TUKS

TUKS travel to Wits well knowing this will be their biggest test of the season apart from last week's match against Maties. TUKS just lost to the high-riding Maties (7-13) but still are at the top of the Varsity Cup log, however, Maties did play one match less than TUKS.

Wits is still unbeaten with the draw against the Ikeys their only blemish while TUS lost their first match against Maties (7-13) a week ago.

TUKS should/will dominate up front, with the backs more or less on equal footing. The determining factor will be who wants it the most. Both TUKS and Wits have won games this season with the final throw of the dice so this game should again me decided in the final seconds of the match.

TUKS dominance upfront should win it for them BUT the fight in Wits may just proof once again the deciding factor.

Shimlas vs UJ

The Shimlas will host UJ in the "badprop" match of today. UJ is last on the log with Shimlas with just one point more "propping" up the log on eight.

I saw UJ play two games this year and they are not as bad as their position on the log suggest. They played all the top dogs already apart from Maties who they will play in Round 9. Against TUKS and Wits, they lost in the dying seconds of the game with their losses against the Pukke and Ikeys nothing to ashamed of.

Shimlas, on the other hand, blew hot and cold this season and after their loss against CUT (14-35) they will be out for revenge.

UJ needs to win this one as automatic relegation will see them drop down to the Varsity Shield which will lead to the implosion of their rugby. UJ should win this one but Shimlas will not roll over and smile.