Episode 1: Plan Your Star’s Career – Pick The Correct School?

Photo Credit: Speedshots.co.za

Parents should play a prominent role in the development of their kid's talents as they are in "charge" of his life and choices for the first 18 years.

The first vital decision to be made is in which school you place your kid in Grade 8. An obvious first price assumed by the most parent will be those schools that are "leaders" in the schoolboy rugby arena. The schools which will give your child the most exposure and who play the top other schools is definitely not the right school.

When planning your kids' rugby career you must do a thorough investigation and never be scared to ask questions. Ask who are the coaches at the school. Ask if there is a development programme for all kids in place and not for only a team players and most important is this "development" program a school initiative or is it driven by the parents of a certain age group. Ask questions regarding recruitment policies especially senior grades.


Place your kid in the correct school

However, the most important guideline when making a choice must be honesty. Be honest with your kid regarding his talents and do not let your ambition and failures replace your kids' bests interest. To "use" a school to develop your child before you place him in a "better" more suitable school sounds selfish, however, speak to your child, listen to him and support him.

The decision where to place your kid must be a selfish choice, with your kids "future" and development as the only objective.