Divan Batt – 1stXV Coach Stellenberg Hoër


Divan matriculated in 2002 at Stellenberg Hoërskool. He represented and captained the 1stXV as scrumhalve and also represented WP at u/13 and u/19 level.

After school he was selected for the WP u/20 team and represented Maties during his varsity years. Divan moved to Durbell RFC and after representing Durbell in more than 100 games. He retired in 2014 as player to concentrate on his coaching career.

Divan started coaching at Stellenberg Hoërskool in 2006 and was appointed as 1stXV coach in 2014. Divan see's himself as a life long student of rugby and his passion and love for rugby as well as the boys makes him a vital part of Stellenberg's strive to become the best.

Divan believes that in order to become the best you must play the best. And this dream came true during 2016 when Stellenberg was invited to the Noord/Suid and Wildeklawe tournaments. He sees the lessons learnt during 2016 as vital to the team's success in 2017.

Divan's combines willingness to listen to and learn from other coaches or players with proper planning, physical conditioning, technical knowledge, hard work, discipline and passion to ensure that his team is ready to compete and win every match played.