Digital Version Of 2020 Law Book Available

Photo by Jorina Raath/ 

A digital version of the SA Rugby Law Book for 2020 has been made available for the first time in an effort to reach a bigger audience as part of the bigger South African rugby community.

The interactive digital Law Book provides the rugby community with in-depth coverage of all 21 Laws of the Game, as well as Law Variations for Under-19 rugby, sevens and 10s.

The Law Book provides a complete guide of match-official signals, featuring several prominent SA Rugby referees such as Jaco Peyper, Rasta Rasivhenge and Aimee Barrett-Theron.

“The Law Book is an essential resource not only for the match official fraternity but also for the whole rugby community,” said Banks Yantolo, SA Rugby Referees Manager.

“SA Rugby usually distributes approximately 3,000 printed booklets annually around the country with the assistance of our sponsor OUTsurance.

“However, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely disrupted the normal way of doing things for now, which is part of the reason why we decided to use online technology to help us to continue to update and distribute the Law Book in digital version.

“The digital nature of the Law Book makes it possible for SA Rugby to easily also distribute this information resource to other rugby nations on the African continent.”

Apart from extensive coverage of the 21 Laws of the Game, several other key aspects of rugby are included, such as side-line management for fifteens rugby.

References to key BokSmart concussion regulations, the BokSmart Spineline and other important contact details are amongst a variety of contents in the document.

The digital version of the SA Rugby Law Book for 2020 can be downloaded directly by clicking here (11Mb in size).