Craven Week Player Tested Positive For Prohibited Substance


The South Africa Institute For Drug-Free Sport announced on its website the 3-year suspension of a minor (who may not be named) following a positive test for a prohibited substance on the 6th of July 2023 at the 2023 u/18 Craven Week hosted in George.

The player tested positive for 19-norandrosterone which is the principal urinary metabolite of the anabolic steroid nandrolone and its prohormones. The administration of these 19-norandrogens is prohibited in sport by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) but, even so, adverse findings for 19-NA continue to be commonly reported.

19‐nortestosterone is used in medical veterinary practice for retarding degenerative processes and promoting tissue repair; they are also used, legitimately in some countries but not in others, as growth promoters in the farming industry.