Complete Underdogs In Bloemfontein



The history books say Affies vs Grey, played 41, Grey won 30 Affies won 6 Draw 5. A proud history started in 1926 and one of the most anticipated matches on the schoolboy calendar every year. Last year an unbeaten Grey College travelled to Pretoria to meet a Affies team who just lost to Boishaai at the Wildeklawer tournament and who was confident of a victory on home turf. And how rude was the awakening as Grey College completely overpowered a very good Affies side 53-29.

This year 2017 Grey awaits Affies in Bloemfontein, again undefeated with their last match at the Wildeklawer Festival beating Paarl Gimnasium 31-19 and announcing to all who wanted to listen "WE WANT OUR CROWN BACK". Affies on the other hand travel to Bloemfontein having lost all their matches against the traditional powerhouses, Paarl Gim 33-35, Boishaai 10-14 and Paul Roos 14-21. A lot of Affies supporters will be quick to point out that several "suspect" decisions cost them these games and this may have some truth to it BUT they still lost.

Both sides have exciting backlines that can win games and both sides have excellent forwards. Affies better up front and Grey College better at the back. The big difference will be the game plan followed by both schools. Whereas Grey College wants to distribute the ball to their dangerous backs at every opportunity and do NOT allow forwards in the backline, allowing them to slow things down, Affies on the other hand only distributes the ball to their backline only when desperation sets in. This game plan by Affies always worked when they had the big forwards who can bulldozer over all, unfortunately, this year they are not dominating enough up front to make this a winning game plan. 

If "skinner" can be trusted no injuries after Wildeklawer with only a few niggles reported. Grey to win this one BUT how lekker will a Affies win be.