How To Check Your Medicine For Banned Substances In Sport


The South African Institute For Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS) has an "Online Medication Check" tool that reflects medications available on the South African market and is based on the 2024 Prohibited List, valid as of 1st January 2024.

You can either go to the (SAIDS Website click here) or click on the MEDS CHECK on the menu of which will take you directly to the page on the SAIDS website where you can check if medicine bought in South Africa contains banned substances.

However, note that you cannot search for dietary or sports supplements, herbal formulations, traditional medicines and other non-regulated products (including CBD oils and related products) as they are not subjected to rigorous controls to verify their efficacy or safety, nor that the ingredients, dosages and claims listed on the label are indeed accurate… ✷ As such, you simply don’t know for sure what’s in it and therefore SAIDS, similar to WADA, IOC and other authorities caution athletes against the risk of using these products.

To download a list of all banned substances (Click Here)