Central Region Is Going To Boil Over.



While the whole country's eye will focus on Bloemfontein where Grey College would want to dethrone Boishaai as the king of schoolboy rugby some brilliant rugby will be on display in the Central Union.

But first things first Boishaai will come up against a Grey College that built their season slowly to this match only "appearing" at the Wildeklawer and after winning against Boland Landbou, Paarl Gim and Affies everybody rates them as the best in the country. Boishaai only lost again Christchurch Boys High in the last match of their New Zeeland tour and since won against Affies, Outeniqua, Selborne, Glenwood and Wynberg.

Affies showed to all who wanted to see and learn how to beat Grey College, take them up front and any ball the Grey backline gets defend like your life depends on it, and it really does. Sean Erasmus will make a big mistake, and I doubt if he would, to only concentrate on Grey College's strengths and weaknesses. Boishaai did not get to be recognised as the leaders in schoolboy rugby by concentrating on their opponents, rather they developed their own gameplan with which they are unbeaten for almost three years in South Africa. Boishaai will look to impose their gameplan on Grey and beat Grey with it. Can they? With a team with no "real" weaknesses, Boishaai must be the favourite but taking into account that this match is in Bloemfontein Grey must a better chance than good to regain their long lost crown.

In Kimberley, the crown of the town is up for grabs. In 2016 Noord Kaap won against the overwhelming favourite Diamantveld that stunned everybody. Diamantveld's season is not what we have come to expect from them losing five of ten games this year with only Welkom Gim a scalp to brag about. Noord Kaap lost four from nine matches with EG Jansen their biggest win, and therefore this match can provide us with clarity on who the king is of Kimberley as not one of the two opponents is having a great season.

The Griffons league see Welkom Gim hosting the almost unbeaten Voortrekker Bethlehem, they lost against Windhoek Hoër earlier in the season,  what could be the decider of the Griffons league. An exciting game awaits with Voortrekker having to find a way to stop the back tree of Welkom Gim. Voortrekker should be the stronger side up front and need to deprive the backline of Welkom Gym of any ball. Witteberg has an easy game against Kroonstad HTS whereafter they will meet Voortrekker and Welkom Gim in consecutive matches.

Jim Fouche's must be the firm favourite to resume their good form after their loss against Marlow and beat a struggling Sentraal.

But all eyes will be on Grey vs Boishaai.