Cell C Sharks Fine Form Comes Just At The Right Time


Saturday’s 37-10 victory over the Emirates Lions at Hollywoodbets Kings Park had Cell C Sharks head coach Sean Everitt admitting that he was a very happy man with his team’s performance.

“I’d say things went pretty much according to plan, we knew if we got into a kicking duel against them there was a very good chance we could come out on top and the conditions allowed us to do that.

“When we got opportunities to move the ball the guys really tried and showed intent. Fortunately, we got the bonus point and that’s exactly what we wanted out of the game.”

Having now played under these conditions a number of times in recent weeks Everitt felt that his team have adjusted well to the demands of a wet weather game.

“The more you play in these conditions, the better you get and the Lions have been playing in dry weather where they were able to play at a high intensity and move the ball around a lot. We’ve become quite good at managing the game here at Hollywoodbets Kings Park and I think that played in our favour,” he explained.

“It’s really difficult out there and although we got 50-22s in the match, we were hoping for a few more but the ball doesn’t roll in puddles of water. So instead it becomes a bit of a physical duel out there and you have to rely on your power game. Thankfully for us, it worked.”

Everitt also praised the effort of his halfback duo, Jaden Hendrikse and Curwin Bosch, both of whom played a big role in the outcome of the match with their game management.

“I thought Jaden played well last week as well, he’s starting to reach the form he had when he was chosen to represent South Africa last year and he and Curwin managed this game exceptionally well. There were only a couple of times when we played three or more phases in our half and that’s exactly what we set out to do, to put the pressure back onto the Lions. I thought our kicking plan worked perfectly.”

Phepsi Buthelezi was another young player who really put his hand up, revelling and bruising in his every act on the game and deservedly earning the Vodacom Man of the Match award.

“Phepsi was outstanding in this game, I don’t think he made a single mistake, he carried with intent, he defended well and got himself involved in many battles. I’m really proud of him in difficult conditions. He’s a guy who looks after himself and prepares really well, like a true professional.

“He deserves the accolade he received and well done to him.”