Cabous’ Pink Onderbroek The Biggest News Of Rugby The Past Weekend

During the past week no major news nor upsets in World Rugby to get excited about. Bart and I discuss various results and happenings in the world of rugby.

South African rugby teams are still not sure when they can start with physical contact training as the government is still not coming to the party.

The crisis in Western Province is still deepening with no decision being made by ex-South African attorney from the US. The rumour among players is that a "strike is looming" if the WP management do not make business decisions to the benefit of WP rugby.

We discuss the Aotearoa series that came to an end last weekend with a surprise win for the Highlanders over the Hurricanes and Bart explain why the All Blacks are a far better rugby nation as the Aussies and maybe South Africa.

Two games were played in the Super Rugby AU series with the most excitement caused by South African Cabous Eloff's pink "onderbroek".

The Premiership impressed nobody and Pro14's start this weekend is not expected to produce the same quality as Super Rugby Aotearoa.