Bishops vs SACS, 13 August 2016



Both SACS and Bishops boast a proud rugby heritage and tradition, as well as a very healthy respect for each other on and off the field. It is well known that the game of rugby had its origins in this country at Bishops in the early 1860’s, however the Bishops headmaster of the day, Canon Ogilvie, has his boys play a variant of the game and this variant was the game alleged to have taken place between the two schools in 1862.

The first officially recorded game between SACS and Bishops was held in 1873. The first match ever played at Newlands, in April 1890, was contested between the two schools. SACS versus Bishops also served as the intervarsity match of the day when both schools had yet to cede their college classes.

SACS and Bishops have also provided a wealth of Springboks over the years some of the most notable in recent years from SACS include Percival Montgomery, Paul Delport (7s) and Kyle Brown (7s). Bishops can boast Robbie Fleck and Francious Louw from their more present-day era.

In recent years SACS has held the upper hand over their visitors this coming Saturday, but this was also preceded by Bishops having a stranglehold over the fixture prior to SACS’s dominance over the past three years. The fixture still serves as one of the most attractive in the Western Province Premier Division and both schools will be looking to gain bragging rights once the fixture has been played.  

The first fixture this year was hosted by SACS on a perfect winter’s morning in Newlands. SACS definitely didn’t have things their own way but managed to lead 17-7 at the interval before running out 38-19 winners. Scoring two late tries inflate the scoreline, which flattered them. A gallant and passionate Bishops deserved more on the day.

Bishops this year is not experiencing results normally associated with this proud institution. The only won 8 of their 21 matches this year with their last victory against Hilton achieved the 04 Jul 2016. SACS on the other hand won 10,drew 2 of their 17 matches this year. Five of these losses were against the Big Four of the Paarl. 

SACS showing against the big four in the Paarl shows steady progress and a victory against these teams WILL happen in the near feature. Is SACS the favorite? If taking their first match into account definitely not.

Uncle Tony Stoop's View on this fixture:

"  Speaking of the Young Ikeys, it’s a pleasure to see a team which espouses all that is good in the game – talented youngsters who uncomplainingly fill any role assigned to them, not because they feel forced to, but because they subscribe to the game plan of their coach, who is also a teacher, do so with unfailing pride and don’t resort to unseemly speculation regarding their selection (or non-selection) for higher honours– reaping the rewards of an excellent season.

Such screeds have been devoted to the impact Liam Larkan has had locally that it is perhaps time to single out a few of the other big men. 

Lance Steytler has happily adjusted to life on the flank, Alex Halvorsen continues to throw himself at opposing defences and captain James Brewer never fails to lead his men with maturity and the pride one associates with this school.

The young backline promises much for 2017.  Craven Week scrumhalf Lucky Dlepu, flyhalf David Hayes, outside centre Jordy “The Flying Dutchman” Hop and wing Zolani Masenbathe are all set to thrill crowds again next year.  Then again Nick Redelinghuys, Michael Ravenscroft and Michael Sutton have also all come to the party – frequently.  

Even on their hallowed Piley Rees Bishops have struggled to get their engine tuned finely enough to pose a threat to most local opponents.

They may have dispatched Wynberg 38-7 and outclassed Durbanville 5-10, but narrow home victories over Brackenfell (30-23) and an HTS Drostdy side that was still finding its feet (31-23) caused nervous twitches among the faithful. 

One could almost feel the fuel running out at the ISRF: Eton were easy meat (62-10), but Hilton (35-31) exposed gaps which Kingswood duly exploited (24-34), after which both Boland Landbou (19-47) and Paul Roos (24-42) have recorded disconcertingly comfortable away wins against the Platinum Blues. 

The problem is not that skipper Jean Pienaar, Seb Prentice, Luke Viljoen, Christian Stehlik, Byron Cranswick and the other forwards haven’t shown the required resolve or provided decent possession, it’s just that when they do, the backline has often been hesitant to use it. 

A Bishops backline in full flight is a wonder to behold – and the counterattacking skills of full-back Brandon van der Westhuizen have at least kept the flag flapping – but when it isn’t functioning fully, it can be spectacularly flat.

Centre Lubelo Scott did make the WP Craven Week squad and scrumhalf Harry Makin makes a nuisance of himself in all the right ways, but few other fast men have really stood out.

Hopefully, they will have utilised the past fortnight to recharge their batteries in order to end the season in style. "

Live Stream Link 13 August 2016 12:00PM

Recent Results Hosts First

2004 Bishops 10 - 0 SACS

2004 SACS 32 - 31 Bishops

2005 Bishops 50 - 3 SACS

2005 SACS 7 - 26 Bishops

2006 Bishops 76 - 14 SACS

2006 SACS 10 - 20 Bishops

2007 Bishops 22 - 22 SACS

2007 SACS 17 - 41 Bishops

2008 Bishops 56 - 19 SACS

2008 SACS 27 - 40 Bishops

2009 SACS 0 - 27 Bishops

2010 Bishops 43 - 18 SACS

2010 SACS 17 - 46 Bishops

2011 Bishops 68 - 27 SACS

2011 SACS 20 - 13 Bishops

2012 Bishops 3 - 34 SACS

2012 SACS 21 - 8 Bishops

2013 Bishops 5 - 22 SACS

2013 SACS 21 - 16 Bishops

2014 Bishops 26 - 12 SACS

2014 SACS 5 - 80 Bishops

2015 Bishops 17 - 26 SACS

2015 SACS 14 - 7 Bishops

2016 SACS 38 - 19  Bishops



Fixtures vs Bishops – 13 August

Team Field Time Visitors changing
1st XV Piley Rees 11h30 Heatlie
2nd XV Piley Rees 10h15 Heatlie
3rd XV Piley Rees 09h10 Heatlie
U16C Piley Ress 08h00 Heatlie
4th XV Avenue 10h15 Woodlands 1
5th XV Avenue 09h10 Woodlands 1
6th XV Avenue 08h00 Woodlands 1
U16A Sahara 10h15 Swimming pool
U16B Sahara 09h10 Swimming pool
U16D Lutgensvale A 10h15 Lutgensvale
U15A Range 10h15 Woodlands 2
U15B Cemetery 09h10 Woodlands 2
U15C Range 08h00 Woodlands 2
U15D Lutgensvale A 09h10 Lutgensvale
U14A Range 09h10 Woodlands 3
U14B Cemetery 10h15 Woodlands 3
U14C Cemetery 08h00 Woodlands 3
U14D Lutgensvale B 09h10 Lutgensvale