And It Ended All Square @ Waterkloof



The last day of the Noord vs Suid Tournament kicked off with both "sides" having two wins in the bag. The South being the favourite to win three for the day and again going South with the bragging rights. 

The first match of the day was between Menlopark and Stellenberg, with Stellenberg eager to show that the loss on Monday against Waterkloof was a lesson well learnt. The match started off at a frenetic pace with Menlopark looking to overpower the less physical Stellenberg. This time they were met by a determined Stellenberg not willing to be bullied. Every time a big Menlopark boy came charging he was met by three to four defenders. In the 31st minute, the loosehead prop of Menlopark received a yellow card and Stellenberg scored from the penalty received after some slick handling from their backline. Stellenberg went to rest with a 12-0 lead. After the break, Menlopark got rid of their big boys replacing them with more mobile players looking to meet Stellenberg in their open play. In Menlopark's desperate attempt to run from all corners they made silly mistakes with the forwards halting several potential opportunities by being in the way at the back. Menlopark's only try came when they returned to a structured gameplan. Stellenberg winning this one physically up front with flair at the back issuing a warning to their opponents this year.

Stellenberg 33 (12) - Tries: Roche Malan (2), Angelo Davids (2), Jacques van Biljon. Conversions: Ryan Brown (4).
Menlopark 12 (0) - Tries: Dewald Pienaar, Phillip Meiring. Conversion: Werner Nel.

The game between Paarl Gimnasium and EG Jansen had the outcome all expected with Paarl Gim winning 39-10. EG Jansen was hampered in the beginning after three penalties were awarded against them due to foul play and luckily for them, the referee of the day was not as harsh as the one on Monday, with the number twelve of Paarl Gimnasium the only one receiving a yellow card early in the second half. Such was Paarl Gimm's complete dominance of the game that the attention shifted to the desperate attempts of the EG Jansen's players who gave absolutely everything. Their flyhalf Dylan Schwartz again showing that he is able to not only take care of the no 10 jersey of Ruben Beytell but that he is a star in his own right. EG Jansen maybe lost the game with a big margin but they can certainly be proud of their efforts against a team that is showing no weaknesses. In the Paarl Gymnasium's side, their number eight Henco Martins again scored three tries on the day with the star of the day his captain Muller du Plessis receiving the man of the match award. Paarl Gimnasium is busy making a very boring game plan into something spectacular. Mr Cool if I may.

Paarl Gimnasium 39 (22) - Tries: Henco Martins (3), Hanco Hanekom, Muller du Plessis, Dawid Kellerman, Corne Uys. Conversions: Daniel Beukes, Ruben Scholtz.
EG Jansen 10 (3) - Tries: Jonathan O'Neill. Conversions: Dylan Schwartz. Penalty: Schwartz.

Then came the game everybody is talking about. The game we could easily have called "Garsies losing against itself". In my notes, I must have written "Garsies stupid" at leat 20 times. Their line-outs was a mess and yet never tried the save no 2 ball, trying to run from their own goal line when they were under pressure, not kicking at goal when available. The first half saw Boland Landbou continuing where they left off on Monday against EG Jansen. Completely controlling every aspect of the game leaving Garsfontein to try some silly tactics in an effort to break the Boland Landbou control of the match. Leading 31-12 at the end of the first half everybody predicted Boland Landbou to win this one with ease. What Duppie said to his team during the break is a mystery but we saw a Garsfontein coming out like a recharged Duracell Bunny. Their forwards driving Boland Landbou back in tackles and winning valuable quality ball in the loose. With this abundance of ball suddenly available to the backline of Garsfontein they started to run at a visibly tiring Boland Landbou. To name stars in the Garsfontein side would be unfair but their loosie Ruben Roodt was immense in both halves sometimes fighting the Boland Landbou's onslaught seemingly on his own.

Garsfontein 43 (12) - Tries: Barry Schoombee (2), Diego Appollis (2), Wesley Thompson, Ruben Roodt, Tian Thysse. Conversions: Schoombee (3), Thompson.
Boland Landbou 41 (31) - Tries: Francois du Toit (2), Erik Lambrechts, Darren Hendricks, Franco Venter, Luther McKay. Conversions: Duren Hoffman (4). Penalty: Hoffman.

The last match of the day saw Waterkloof dominating an Outeniqua side that was set on ignoring its obvious strengths. Waterkloof started the match as they ended the match against Stellenberg on Monday. Running from everywhere combined with overpowering the visibly bigger Outeniqua forwards. Outeniqua with their big eight man Andreas Breytenbach in the front managed to match Waterkloof in the second half scoring some excellent tries but eventually losing 34-15. Waterkloof showing to all who wrote them off after the Grey debacle that they are a quality side and with Ulrich Maritz at ten will win the majority of their games this season.

Waterkloof 34 (17) - Tries: Sean du Plooy (2), Giovan Snyman, Gideon Peters, Ruben Kotze, PJ Krugell. Conversions: Ulrich Maritz (2).

Outeniqua 15 (0) - Tries: Andreas Breytenbach, Dillan Pieterse. Conversions: James Mollentze (2). Penalty: Mollentze.