42M Kick Sealed It For Queens



Dale went into their match as firm favourites with everybody expecting them to continue their form of the past Easter Weekend but nobody expected this. Queens obviously studied the Dales side and their weaknesses using their big forwards to control the game with Dale forced to run from deep in their own half. This resulted in the try of the day when the Dale inside centre scored after an 80m run where almost everybody handled the ball. This game had everybody on the edge of their seats with the scoreline was never bigger than seven points. The end was a dramatic affair when Dale received a short arm penalty and the gave it to their forwards to close the game but after great work on the ground by Queen's they receive a penalty when Dale held on to the ball illegally. Forty-two meters and Queens take it 25-24.

The rest of the matches went according to plan with Selborne whipping Grens with 76-0, Brandwag scoring a 22-20 victory against a Marlow side that seems to struggle this season to win close games. Union had to work hard against Muir for a 21-20 victory and Framesby beating a willing Daniël Pienaar 26-19.