2016 Ruggas Rugby School Of The Year – Parel Vallei Hoërskool



When deciding on the method to use in determining the winners of our annual awards, I was very reluctant to use an "Idols" voting system, and I must admit during the voting process I was very sceptical at a certain stage. But when looking back at the Rugby School of the Year category this "Idols" voting system confirmed the third, often forgotten ingredient needed to be successful. 

Parel Vallei Hoërskool's parents and community has shown that they are 100% behind the school and the efforts of the coaches and inspirations of the boys. During the voting process, they showcased the same passion and commitment displayed by the school and players. Their involvement is the glue that combines the efforts of the school and players in a successful unit.

The roles of principal David Schenck and Thinus Pienaar, Head of Sport is well documented. None of these two gentlemen accepted any praise without acknowledging the rest of the coaching staff's commitment,passion and contribution. A school committing to becoming one of SA's leading rugby schools.

The quality of the players and their commitment and passion is also well known and displayed weekend after weekend on the playing fields. These boys did not hide from any challenges, being that on or off the field. Always giving the 100% asked of them and then adding another 15% on their own.

So Parel Vallei Hoërskool is our first Rugby School of the Year, but here is the bad news. Your success in 2016 will only be valued by the schoolboy rugby community if this can be achieved year after year. Everybody will be watching you and Ruggas.co.za is confident that Parel Vallei Hoërskool's rugby will go from strength to strength. May 2017 confirm your award of 2016's Rugby School of the Year was well deserved.