2016 Ruggas Awards



Nominations are closed. Please allow panel to reduce nominations to 5 at each category. Voting will be done on the website from Friday 21 Oct 2016 and close on the 28 October 2016. Winners will be announced on 31st October 2016.

What will a year be if not ended with a spectacular rewards evening. Unfortunately such a ceremony is expensive and as Ruggas is only wearing baby shoes, we will have to settle for an article on the web site.

But this does not take anything away from the spectacular season school boy rugby displayed this year. We were entertained to a level of rugby, senior rugby can only dream of. We saw players that kept our dreams for Springbok Rugby alive. We saw coaches going the extra mile to give their teams the edge on the field. We saw parents who's commitment, to their children and their team mates is second to none. Then we experienced a few people getting involved with the game with no expectation of rewards. These are the people we want to reward. 

Awards and criteria: (For 2016 only)

1. Rugby Player Of The Year - This category is reserved for boys who played for their school's 1stXV during 2016.

1.1 Damian Willemse (Paul Roos Gimnasium)
1.2 Wandisile Simelane (Jeppe)
1.3 Jacques Ackerman (Diamantveld)
1.4 Gianni Lombard (Boishaai)
1.5 Embrose Papier (Garsfontein)
1.6 Salmaan Moerat (Boishaai)

2. Forward Of The Year -  This category is reserved for forwards who played for their school's 1stXV during 2016.

2.1 Muller Uys (Paarl Gimnasium)
2.2 JJ van der Mescht (Glenwood)
2.3 Dylan Richardson (Kearsney College)
2.4 PJ Botha (Monnas)
2.5 Nathan Macbeth (Monnas)
2.6 PJ Jacobs (Monnas)
2.7 Jan Willem van Niekerk (Diamantveld)
2.8 Salmaan Moerat (Boishaai)
2.9 Hacjivah Dayimani (Jeppe)
2.10 Liam Larkan (SACS)
2.11 Mark Snyman (Helpmekaar)
2.12 Phillip Krause (Affies)
2.13 Cabous Eloff (Affies)
2.14 Jean Pienaar (Bishops)
2.15  Phedulani Buthelezi (DHS)

3. Backline Player Of The Year - This category is reserved for back line players who played for their school's 1stXV during 2016.

3.1 Damian Willemse (Paul Roos Gimnasium)
3.2 Gianni Lombard (Boishaai)
3.3 Charles Williams (Diamantveld)
3.4 Embrose Papier (Garsfontein)
3.5 Chuiner van Rooyen (Helpmekaar)
3.6 Janco van Heyningen (Grey College)
3.7 Rikus Pretorius (Grey College)
3.8 Louritz vd Schyff (Affies)
3.9 Ruan de Swardt (Affies)
3.10 Maarten Holtzhausen (Glenwood)
3.11 Harry Makin (Bishops)
3.12 Seb Prentice (Bishops)  
3.13 Athi Halom (Kingswood)
3.14 Emile Booyens (Parel Vallei)

4. Rugby Team Of The Year - This category is reserved for the 1stXV of any school.

4.1 Paarl Boishaai
4.2 Diamantveld Hoërskool
4.3 Paarl Gimnasium
4.4 Affies
4.5 Glenwood
4.6 LSEN Academy Week Team
4.7 Dale College

5. Rugby Coach Of The Year - Any coach involved with any high school team during 2016. 

5.1 Oloff Bergh (Boland Landbou)
5.2 Sean Erasmus (Paarl Boishaai)
5.3 Jaco Dames (Diamantveld)
5.4 Stephan Jordaan (Paul Roos)
5.5 Divan Batt (Stellenberg)
5.6 Rudi Dames (Glenwood)
5.7 Jakes Smit (Eldoraigne)
5.8 Carl Spilhaus (KES)
5.9 Thinus Pienaar (Parel Vallei)
5.10 Shaun Jackson (Helpmekaar)
5.11 Jaco Koch (Affies)
5.12 Gareth Shaw (Kingswood)
5.13 Clinton van Rensburg (Rondebosch)
5.14 Heinrich Veldsman (Monument Park)
5.15 Graeme Stewart (Penrynn College)
5.16 Scott Mathie (DHS)

6. Rugby School Of The Year - This category will not be limited to the "rugby" schools. We are looking for a school that went all out to improve their rugby. Commitment will be of a higher importance than results.

6.1 Diamantveld Hoërskool
6.2 Parel Vallei
6.3 Stellenberg
6.4 Oakdale Landbou
6.5 Helpmekaar Kollege
6.6 Oos Moot Hoërskool
6.7 Garsfontein Hoërskool
6.8 Menlopark Hoërskool
6.9 Alberton Hoërskool
6.10 SACS
6.11 Kingswood College
6.12 Boland Landbou
6.13 Drosdy HTS

 7. Most Valuable Rugby Player Of The Year - Any player of any team who's contribution to the team on and off the field made him a valuable player to the team.

7.1 Jason Oliemans (Parel Vallei)
7.2 Bernard Jansen (Diamantveld)
7.3 Regardt du Plessis (Affies)
7.4 Wandisile Simelane (Jeppe)
7.5 JC Pretorius (Middelburg HTS)
7.6 Deon Carstens (Boland Landbou)

8. Rugby Supporter Of The Year - Give us the craziest most pumped up supporter that went all out in the support of his/her child and team.

8.1 Gustav & Yolanda du Plessis (Affies)
8.2 Phillip Williams (Diamantveld)
8.3 Ms Scott (Bishops)
8.4 Phillip Holloway (Diamantveld)
8.5 Piet May (Grey College)
8.6 Christopher Solomon (Helpmekaar)

9. "Rugby Oom" Of The Year - This reward will go to anybody involved with school boy rugby for the love of rugby alone excluding anybody already nominated in any other category. Please note although we have the greatest respect and admiration for all involved in school boy rugby any person earning an income from rugby is excluded.

9.1 Stephan Brink
9.2 Tony Stoops
9.3 Charles Mangold
9.4 Morne Bailey aka Beet from schoolboyrugbyblog
9.5 PG Jansen (Diamantveld)
9.6 Alan Morrissey aka Grashopper (Glenwood)
9.7 Andre Terblanche aka Speartackle (Monnas)
9.8 Gavin Victor (Kingswood)


You can nominate a person or team via twitter @Ruggascoza or via email to academy@ruggas.co.zaIt is suggested that nominations are done via email with a motivation for the nomination. All nominators' identity will be kept a secret when nominating via email. 

Nominations will close on the 15th of October 2016, after which a panel will decide on the top 5 nominees in every category. After which our readers will be able to cast their vote for their favourite.

Winners will be announced on the 31st of October 2016.