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Fixtures 2017

18-Mar-17   0 - 0   Boland Landbou R/D
22-Apr-17 Parel Vallei 0 - 0 DF Malan  
29-Apr-17 Belville 0 0 Parel Vallei Wynberg Festival
01-May-17 Parel Vallei 0 0 Upington Wynberg Festival
06-May-17 Parel Vallei 0 - 0 Milnerton  
13-May-17 Parel Vallei 0 - 0 Hermanus  
20-May-17 Hottentots Holland 0 - 0 Parel Vallei  
27-May-17 Strand 0 - 0 Parel Vallei  
03-Jun-17 Wynberg 0 - 0 Parel Vallei  
10-Jun-17 Parel Vallei 0 - 0 WCSS/CSA  
29-Jul-17 Kasselsvlei 0 - 0 Parel Vallei  
05-Aug-17 Worcester Gym  0 - 0 Parel Vallei  
12-Aug-17 Pearson  0 - 0 Parel Vallei  
19-Aug-17 Parel Vallei 0 - 0 Somerset College  
26-Aug-17 Bellville 0 - 0 Parel Vallei  

10 Nov 2016 - 2016 Ruggas Rugby School Of The Year - Parel Vallei Hoërskool

11 Oct 2016 - Thinus Pienaar - Head Of Rugby Parel Vallei Hoërskool

11 Oct 2016 - Nominated As MVP - Jason Oliemans

08 Oct 2016 - Emile Booyens nominated as Backline Player Of The Year 2016

20 Sept 2016 - Parel Vallei Hoërskool nominated as Rugby School Of The Year 2016

20 Sept 2016 - Jason Oliemans nominated as Most Valued Player Of The Year 2016

20 Sept 2016 -  Thinus Pienaar nominated as Coach Of The Year 2016


2016 was an easy year for Parel Vallei.It is always easy to impress one year but to show to the schoolboy rugby community that your intensions is to be taken seriously, you need to perform year after year.

Parel Vallei is in the priviliged position that 14 players that represented their 2016 1stXV will be available again in 2017. These boys are Cameron Muller, Willem Smit, Keanon Navarro, Jordan Smit, Minawa Gesha, Cullen Middelton, Marko Groenewald, Ginio Meiring, Jason Oliemans, Julio Gous, Muneer Kahn, Timothy Lange, Sheldon Janse van Rensburg and Dylan van Wyk. 

With the current u/16 team not impressing we do not see many players representing the 1stXV in 2017. The massive 115kg prop, Tauriq Karaan will be the exception. Expect this boy to impress. The u/14 and u/15 teams of 2016 is expected to improve with the crop of 2017 u/14's expected to be the best intake ever.

A major factor in the performance in 2017 will be if Parel Vallei's request to move up one tier will be granted. Maybe a gradual exposure to the next tier will be a wise move for 2017. With 2016 done and dusted, the whole country's eyes will be on them in 2017. If effort and passion counted for anything on the score board Parel Vallei would be up there with the best.





Rugby has been played at PV since the school’s inception. In 2014, a management decision was made to focus more on rugby and to bring this sport onto the same level as all the other activities in the school.With the appointment of Mr Thinus Pienaar as rugby head, the school started to implement a rugby organizational structure and foundation that runs parallel to the school’s mission, in providing a balanced education, achieved through a high-performance and result-driven sports’ programme. Parel Vallei Rugby strives to nurture and develop individual talent in an arena that promotes teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, discipline and humility.

Key goals were set out for phase 1:

Post-season training programmes;

Pre-season strength and conditioning;

Parents’ rugby committee selected and functioning;

All coaches were interviewed and selected on merit before placed within a team;

Regular local and international experienced guest coaches invited to share their rugby knowledge;

Pre-season motivational sessions;

Team-building camps for players and their dads;

Co-ordinating coaches’ qualifications and the facilitation of courses for coaches;

Major cash sponsorships for new rugby equipment;

Regular rugby committee, coaches and individual player meetings;

The partnering with a rugby analysis software company for accurate statistics to better our game plan;

Intense marketing drive aimed at junior recruitment in primary schools;

Instilling a new rugby mindset and approach within the school to form Parel Vallei RUGBY unity;

And most of all: absolute faith, trust and hard work!


The results Parel Vallei produced confirmed their intensions to become a "rugby school", a force to be reckoned with. These results was confirmed as the best results ever achieved in the 30 years since the school was opened.

Leading the charge was the u/19 team that was ranked no 29 in the country. The u/14 (54) as well as the u/15 teams (49) was also rated as some of the best is schoolboy rugby.

The two major contributors was the passion and expertice from Thinus Pienaar, Head of Rugby, and the principal, David Schenck's vision. Both gentleman will be quick to insist that the contribution of the other staff involved was the reason for the success achieved.

Parel Vallei's drive to involve couches from the surrounding primary schools is baring fruit already as seen in the impressive u/14 intake for 2017. 

1stXV Results

1 21-Mar St Charles College 29 - 15   Win
2 23-Mar SWD Akademie 31 - 10   Win
3 24-Mar George High School 28 - 3   Win
4 09-Apr Milnerton 49 - 5   Win
5 16-Apr DF Malan 10 - 14   Lost
6 23-Apr Kampsbaai 61 - 0   Win
7 30-Apr Durbanville 23 - 22   Win
8 02-May Upington 22 - 27   Lost
9 07-May Hermanus 7 - 21   Lost
10 14-May Strand 16 - 19   Lost
11 21-May Primrose 24 - 7   Win
12 28-May Belville 33 - 27   Win
13 04-Jun Fairmont 22 - 18   Win
14 23-Jul Monumentpark 29 - 26   Win
15 30-Jul Worcester Gym 26 - 8   Win
16 02-Aug Stellenbosch 19 - 13   Win
17 06-Aug Pearson 9 - 9   Draw
18 13-Aug Somerset College 43 - 13   Win
19 20-Aug HHH 24 - 0   Win
20 27-Aug Settlers 61 - 3   Win
  Season Stats :  Average Score 28 - 13    
    Games Played 20        
    Games Won 15   75 %
    Games Lost 4        
    Games Drawn 1