Wildeklawer Day 2 – 02 May 2016



08h00 Monday 02 May 2016 - Noord Kaap vs Welkom Gym

Both sides coming off close losses on day one. Noord Kaap impressed with their big forwards and Welkom Gym with their no 9 and back line.  Welkom Gym is more than capable to compete with Noord Kaap up front and with their dangerous backs must be the almost favourites. Hoping to see day 2 starting with a wonderful and exciting match. Welkom Gym with 3.

09h10 Monday 02 May 2016 - MenloPark vs Paul Roos

A very difficult Wildeklawer for the team from Pretoria,  first they had to meet the powerful Paarl Gim on day 1 and now facing a Paul Roos team with their tails up after taking JTS Middelburg to the cleaners on day 1. I can not see this match going any other way than a victory by Paul Roos with 30.

10h20 Monday 02 May 2016 - EG Jansen vs Paarl Gim

After a close shave against Louis Botha I do hope EG will come out and make this match a spectacle. They will meet a very confident Gym that  beat MenloPark on day one with all their substitutes having a run. And I must say this if Wian van Zyl is their second choice at 10 EG must keep 5 players to look after Theo Boshoff. Mr van Zyl will step with ease into most of the teams competing at Wildeklawer 2016. And this hurts a lot but Paarl Gim with 20.

11h00 Monday 02 May 2016 - Louis Botha vs Selborne

Expect Selborne to come out with a mission especially after their performance against Monnas. And yes a spirited Louis Botha almost caused the biggest upset by almost beating EG Jansen on day one. Selborne should take this one with at least 15 points. Should does however not always result in did.

11h30 Monday 02 May 2016 - Monnas vs Outeniqua

 Can anyone from the Monnas camp please just tell what team is going to pitch tomorrow. If the right one comes out to play I can not see Outeniqua coming within 15 points from Monnas. I still maintain that  Monnas can be one of the top 5 teams in 2016 but unfortunately inconsistency is killing any such aspirations. But Outeniqua will not pitch to pass the time before returning home. Such a proud team will want to prove that they are not as bad as the scored suggests against Affies. Outeniqua with 5. 

12h10 Monday 02 May 2016 - Garsies vs Stellenberg

This match will be a high paced entertaining spectacle. The two new kids on the block will try to run each other to pieces. With Papier on a high after yesterday's individual performance vs Grey. I personally will Garsie my vote as I think their forwards will be in control and give their backs the advantage of more front foot ball. Garsies with 10.

12h40 Monday 02 May 2016 - HTS Middelburg vs Diamantveld

All that know Jaco Dames, new coach of Diamantveld, knows he does not run away from any challenge. And Diamantveld's commitments this year is very, very demanding. But we also a steady improvement of performance. But taking on Boland Landbou and HTS Middelburg in three days will even scare some of the bigger schools. I think this match could see Diamantveld improving even more, and what everybody would have seen as a surprise in the beginning of the season they could just take this one. Diamantveld with 3.

13h50 Monday 02 May 2016 - Grey College vs Oakdale

Grey College is slowing showing to South Africa what they are capable of. With forwards willing and able to compete and an exceptional back line I can not see Oakdale matching the Bloem boys. An Oakdale, that is still undefeated this year, will be Grey's second big opponent. Can not see that Oakdale will have any answers to this Grey team's capabilities. Grey an easy winner by 30.

15h00 Monday 02 May 2016 - Waterkloof vs Boland Landbou

Maybe us supporters must accept the fact that teams are so close to each other regarding potential that "upsets" is not really upsets. Rather small mistakes that can swing a game. Boland Landbou is one such team that I rate. Their defeats or narrow wins was all against quality sides. But I can again not see them loosing against a stuttering Waterkloof. Their 8/9 combination must be the best in RSA. Combine that with a massive and capable forward pack as well as a above average back line, who can not expect them to win everything. Boland with 13.

16h10 Monday 02 May 2016 - Affies vs Boishaai

A warning to all staying in Kimberley. Lock your doors if you want to use any toilets, kitchen sinks and stoves tomorrow. The boys from both sides will be out looking for these items because they will need them for this big game tomorrow. Everybody in town is comparing these two sides and everyone has their favorite. And when the whistle blows to start the match none of this will matter. Then it will be the two, arguably,  best schoolboys sides in the country fighting it out. Expect a rampant Affies with its big mobile forwards to maul and run the living daylights out of Boishaai. Expect quick ball for their backs who is accustomed to scoring. And do not expect Boishaai to come and watch a good game. They will counter every move from Affies with guts and determination. Expect Boishaai to attack with their extremely dangerous back line. We all know their capabilities.  Expect this game to be hard, fast and exciting. Who is going to come win? Rugby? Hell no, Affies of course. Affies to take this one by 12. And please if Boishaai win and you are  driving towards Pretoria. Keep a look out for a old toyota bakkie, with a pair of white bull &%lls hanging from the tow bar standing next to the road. Stop let your wife come and give me a hug and tell me tomorrow all will be ok.