Welcome To The SchoolSportLive Month-Long (Maybe Longer) Rugby Festival

Ruggas.co.za has been quiet the past two days but not, not busy. I had several meetings to make sure that we continue with activities during this unfortunate break to the rugby season.

School Sports Live, Ruggas.co.za and Schoolboyrugby.co.za has decided on a joint venture that will last until normality returns. SSL will stream some of the best schoolboy rugby clashes of yesteryear weekly, while Ruggas.co.za and Schoolboyrugby.co.za will try to recapture the excitement and hype regarding the fixtures of yesteryear. The format of this exciting venture will be made available tomorrow but expect some brilliant memories of days gone by.

Also, Beet of Schoolboyrugby.co.za suggested that we compile a database with old team lists, photos and video material to ensure that South African schoolboy history can be available to all and not lost. So anybody with old team sheets, photos and videos please send it to classics@ruggas.co.za or beet@schoolboyrugby.co.za.

So we all have a lot to do, go and get into your archives and send the info. Please lets capture and preserve our history.

Enjoy, and remember we are not finished. Watch this space.