Tuesday 23 Aug 2016 @ 15:45 – And the winner is …….



Tuesday 23 Aug 2016 @ 15:45 at Monnas the big question of who is the best will be answered. No attention will be paid to the finals on Saturday  27 August. 

Garsfontein, always missing some players will be at full strength this time. The u/19 players not able to play during the Tuks Competition will be there. Papier en Bees. Then all the SA Schools players are also back. PJ Steenkamp, Emilio Adonis, Ryno Pieterse, Austin Davids and Abner van Reenen. 

In 2015 they stunned all in the semis by beating Monnas in a classic never say die manner. They became the 2015 Beeld winners after beating Middelburg HTS 42 - 40. The battle up front is going to be massive and maybe just maybe Monnas will have the upper hand here. But be sure that with PJ Steenkamp, Bees Ferreiria and Ryno Pieterse on the field Garsies will be able to guarantee more than enough ball for their explosive backs. And this is where Garsies will be able to run any other SA school side to pieces. Therefore a tip to Monnas, do not give them ball and keep it a tight game. Otherwise it will be a Garsies vs EG Jansen final.

Monnas season got of to a slow start this year, but after their victory against Nelspruit in the Beeld final it all started going according to plan. With forwards like PJ Botha, Nathan Macbeth, Christopher Havenga and Ruan Vermaak expect a major onslaught up front. Any team that think they will contain Monnas up front is living in a dream world, that is if they use them at all. Monnas back line is more than able to score tries, but they need to make everything physical. Scare the hell out of Garsies if that is possible.

So who will it be? If Monnas play like they did against Nelspruit, Glenwood and EG Jansen, Garsies does not stand a chance. So Monnas? I doubt with all schools trying to play "pretty" rugby that Monnas will be able to contain Garsies. So Garsies then? In what "condition" will the SA Schools players be? If they are not performing then it must be Monnas.

Not even a mad old fart like me will try and predict this one. But all I know, there will be dark clouds building from the east, lightning every now and then. And that storm is called EG Jansen.