The Weekend To Come 22 May 2016


With only one BIIIGGG game on this weekend we can maybe give some attention to the other beings in our family this weekend.


Helpmekaar vs Garsfontein - I hear Garsfontein is already starting to make excuses for this long awaited game. Papier and three other first choice players missing. Papier is away on junior Boks commitments and the other boys injured. Helpmekaar is steadily building up steam with two convincing victories against Ben Vorster and Pietersburg after their loss against Drosdy in the K2 Tournament in Oudshoorn. The Garsies team with Papier is surely a different animal than the one without Papier. However Garsies is in my opinion going to take this one by 15.

Nelspruit vs Middelburg HTS - The best match in the Noordvaal region this Saturday. One of those derbies that always produce firworks. Nelspruit will be the favourites if we take the team's results this far into account. They have home ground advantage too. But expect Middelburg HTS to come with all the toilets basins and any other legal aids to take this one. Nelspruit by 5

Waterkloof vs Affies - With Waterkloof still struggling to find the same form as 5 years back I can not see them posing any problem to Affies. Affies is missing Regardt du Plessis at 6 but even this will not pose a problem. Affies by 40

Rustenburg vs Monnas - Rustenburg is experiencing a very good season but already lost against Monnas 46 -12 a month ago. So what do we expect? This one I will first wait to see whick Monnas team pitches before I make a prediction. But the real Monnas should win by 30.


Maritzburgh College vs Kearsney - Maritzburg College that is slowly turning a disastrous beginning to a "successful" season is meeting a Kearsney that is difficult to judge due to the opponents. Maritzburg by 15.


Boishaai vs Grey - The heavyweight title fight for the year. All contenders came, they tried and failed. In the one corner we have Boishaai that scraped home in a few matches. Some would say if Gianni is missing Boishaai will be the same as Garsies. Some say. Then the team everybody is talking about. They started the season under the radar then at Wildeklawer they showed some. And Pretoria will never forget or forgive them. Grey College is according to me the only SBR team on their level. A carefully planned season with a brilliant coached team. My hat off gents. Grey by 20.