The Week That Was 03 April 2016



This week started with a bang with all major festivals last games on Monday with SUPER matches.

The most anticipated must have been the epic match between Affies 24 - 17 Paul Roos. Paul Roos I must admit, surprised me with their attitude and game plan. They disrupted the mighty Affies' game plan, and controlled the game. One have to ask you if you have such a monstrous pack why in all that is good do you not use them. Only in the end of the second half Affies' forwards started to dominate with the result at the end flattering Affies. 

Then the biggest surprise at St Johns Festival must be the victory of Helpmekaar 30 - 15 Monnas. Here again the team with the dominating pack failed to use them. Why I really do not understand. But give Helpies all the praise they deserve. They came to play and play they did. Running Monnas completely ragged.

At the Kes festival Jeppe continues to show promise early in the season ending the tournament unbeaten. It is however not their unbeaten record but rather the way they achieve their victories that impress.

At Kearsney Glenwood confirmed their intentions to finish in the top 5 this season. EG Jansen completely demolished Maritzburg College. 

After Monday all attention moved to the Glenwood festival where Rustenburg was unbeaten. This side is slowing building up steam with their only loss this season at the hands of the highly rated Middelburg HTS. 

Then at the "Hansie week" two Pretoria schools showed that the minnows in the Dorp is not accepting the domination of the Super Schools in attracting talent. Oos Moot acknowledged their intentions to move to the "super league" in the foreseeable future. They dominated the week winning the 1st team as well as the u/16 competition. Then one of my personal favorites Tuine also remained unbeaten. Apparently the only reason they did not play in the final is that they also compete in the same league at home. I however believe that not enough riot police was available, as matches between these two schools always result in a battle of note.