The Movers and Shakers of the Week Ending 18 June 2017


Surprisingly we have two new entrants in the top 100. #100 Krugersdorp High and #99 Hugenote from the Western Cape moved into the top 100 without playing a game due to the losses of Fochville, who lost 8 places after their loss against Bekker Hoërskool and Alberton losing 15 places after their loss against Dinamika 0-5.

The Top 20 saw Hilton entering at #18 after their win against Michaelhouse but the biggest discussion this week was Monnas dropping to number three after their big win against Florida. As said before the ranking system only awards a team if they win against teams of similar strength. Florida at 83.64 points before this fixture was almost 20 ranking points below Monnas and therefore was awarded .5 points for playing against a higher ranked team, with Monnas being penalised for playing against a much weaker team.

The reason for this thinking is to keep teams who is playing much lower ranked teams for being ranked alongside the top teams. A school like Alberton would have been ranked among the top 30 teams in the country only taking their results into account but is only ranked at no 115 reflecting their "real" position in the South African schoolboy more realistic.