The Movers and Shakers of the Week Ending 11 June 2017


This week was the beginning of schools exams and only a few matches still took place with the majority of the games between the higher ranked teams. No new entrants in the Top 100 to report of and not even anyone making big strides towards the top 100.

Although the position in the rankings is important a school's real performance can be measured in calculating the actual improvement in ranking points during the season. In the Top 50 Noord Kaap (10.6) Pretoria Boys High (7.80) Waterkloof (6.64), Framesby (5.39) and Bishops (4.02) were the schools who increased their ranking points the most. On the other side Jeppe (-11.60), Ben Vorster (-8.72), Queens College (-7.37), Middelburg HTS (-6.47) and Diamantveld (-6.31) were the teams that lost the most ranking points.

A lot of this movement can be attributed to our initial ranking of the teams but it also reflects teams who are improving a lot during the year or having a horrible season.

Top 20

Nelspruit (21), as well as Hilton College (22), was pushed out of the top 20 by Dale College (16) and Stellenberg (18) who storms into the top 20 with both being in the top Movers of the week also. Hilton College lost .50 ranking points for beating a much lower ranked Northwood and Nelspruit did not play. #22 Dale had the scintillating victory against #12 Grey High (28-27) after almost throwing it away winning it with a penalty in the last second of the match. #23 Stellenberg eventually broke into the top 20 with another splendid victory (47-5) against #42 Wynberg.


+8 Graeme College (80)

+6 Dale College (16)

+5 St Davids Marists (60)

+5 Michaelhouse (42)

+5 Stellenberg (18)




-5 Queens College (54)

-5 St Johns College (38)

-5 Hilton College (22)

-4 Noordheuwel (78)

-4 Wynberg (46)

-4 Eldoraigne (40)