Team Wildeklawer Day One


Team Wildeklawer Day One
Player of the Day - Gianni Lombaard

Just to put all things into perspective. I am no agent, selector or even claim to be knowledgeable of school boy rugby. The selection on this team is based on what I saw at Wildeklawer on day one, and with the help of a few friends, who also have no claim to fame. We will identify the boys with the team sheets and if we name a boy who did not play PLEASE send a mail to news@ruggas and we will rectify immediately. And yes I do know all the arguments against picking a team from only one day's performance, and yes I still love my wife after 34 years, and yes I am mad. See this as a fun exercise.

15. Gianni Lombaard - Boishaai

14. Emilio Adonis - Garsies

13. Manual Rass - Boishaai

12. Wesley Thomson - Grey

11. Angelo Davids - Stellenberg

10. Damian Willemse - Paul Roos

9. Deon Carstens - Boland Landbou

8. Henro Meyer - Boland Landbou

7. Ryno Pieterse - Garsies

6. Regard du Plessis - Affies

5. Henk Pretorius - Affies

4. Salmaan Moerat - Boishaai

3. Arno van Wyk - Affies

2. PJ Botha - Monnas

1.  Cabous Eloff - Affies