St John’s Easter Festival 2017



The 22nd St John's College will take place from the 13th till 17th of April 2017. The week sees Florida, Eye of the Tiger and a combined NSW team from Australia making their appearance. The most noticeable withdrawal is that of Monnas who will be attending the Kearsney Festival in Durban.

The Eye of the Tiger Rugby Academy (EOTT) is a South African, Non-Profit organisation (NPO) and is an initiative to harness and train a ready pool of, rugby talented youth, future rugby administrators etc. This High-Performance training Academy is designed to ensure the continuous development and supply from the primary base of the previously excluded communities and schools especially rural and townships areas.

The main objective is to ensure that there is enough talent of bankable rugby athletes that are ready to be passed on to the current S.A Rugby Unions and ultimately the Springboks in the future to support the country‘s call for transformation in rugby. This prepared capacity will be passed on to the sports industry in a ready-made state.

The Eye of the Tiger caters for rugby talent from the U15 to u21 years. It has got both the 15men and Seven aside training programmes already with about 14 teams comprising 15 men and Seven’s team which have competed at various levels.


Fixtures 2017:

THURSDAY : 13 April

12h15: Helpmekaar vs St John’s Harare

13h30: Paarl Boys’ vs Eye of the Tiger

14h45: Parktown vs Combined High School (Australia)

16h00: PREP

16h45: Affies vs Hilton

18h00: Paul Roos vs Nelspruit

19h15: St John’s College vs Florida

SATURDAY : 15 April

08h45: Nelspruit vs Eye of the Tiger

10h00: St John’s Harare vs Parktown

11h15: Affies vs Florida

12h30: PREP


13h30: St John’s College vs Hilton

14h45: Combined High School (Australia) vs Paarl Boys’

16h00: Paul Roos vs Helpmekaar

MONDAY : 17 April

09h00: St John’s Harare vs Hilton

10h15: Combined High School (Australia) vs Florida

11h30: Parktown vs Paul Roos

12h45: PREP

13h30: St John’s College vs Eye of the Tiger

14h45: Nelspruit vs Helpmekaar

16h00: Paarl Boys’ vs Affies


Results 2017

13-Apr-17 Hilton College 6 - 17 Affies St Johns
13-Apr-17 Helpmekaar 65 - 7 St John's (Harare) St Johns
13-Apr-17 Boishaai 57 - 0 Eye of the Tiger St Johns
13-Apr-17 Parktown 26 - 19 NSW St Johns
13-Apr-17 Paul Roos 44 - 6 Nelspruit St Johns
13-Apr-17 St John's 20 - 13 Florida St Johns
15-Apr-17 Florida  24 -  28 Affies St Johns
15-Apr-17 Nelspruit  43 - Eye of the Tiger St Johns
15-Apr-17 Parktown  46  - St John's (Harare) St Johns
15-Apr-17 St John's  19 - 28  Hilton St Johns
15-Apr-17 Boishaai  67  - NSW St Johns
15-Apr-17 Paul Roos  25  - 22  Helpmekaar St Johns
17-Apr-17 Boishaai  14 -  10. Affies St Johns
17-Apr-17 Hilton College  32 -  7 St John's (Harare) St Johns
17-Apr-17 Florida  7 -  29 NSW St Johns
17-Apr-17 Paul Roos  61 -  12 Parktown St Johns
17-Apr-17 St John's  59 -  10 Eye of the Tiger St Johns
17-Apr-17 Nelspruit  18 -  12 Helpmekaar St Johns


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