St Andrew’s Bounce Back Against Queen’s


St Andrew’s College hosted a very successful day of rugby fixtures against Queen’s College on Saturday.

 The highlight being College winning all the matches on Lower with the 16As, 3rds and 4ths continuing their good form.

There were some tough encounters on all the fields on Saturday. The U16Cs winning their game 6-3 was an example of this. The 5ths and 6ths continued with their strong march towards a great season. Our 2nds showed some dog-like qualities and clawed their way back to winning ways against a much hyped Queen’s 2nd XV.

The 1st XV match was a bruising affair with both teams desperately trying to bounce back from defeats the previous weekend. In the second half St Andrew’s College would hit their straps and run in four tries as they moved the heavier Queen’s side from side to side. Matt More scored first after another Stevens’s break before Sazi Sandi and Angus Cook each scored good tries. College were now building a lead but the game was not secure until they scored what is arguably the try of the season so far as Tom Stevens broke inside his own in goal, the ball was passed among several team mates before ending up in the hands of Matt More who ran in under the poles.

The final score 31 - 23 to St Andrew’s College. A fantastic gutsy performance who showed a lot of character to bounce back in the manner that they did.

Other teams scores:

14A - SAC 0 - 47 Queen’s
14B - SAC 0 - 55 Queen’s
14C - SAC 5 - 37 Queen’s 
15A - SAC 33 - 0 Queen’s 
15B - SAC 14 - 17 Queen’s 
15C - SAC 15 - 0 Queen’s 
16A - SAC 48 - 12 Queen’s 
16B - SAC 17 - 14 Queen’s 
16C - SAC 6 - 3 Queen’s 
6th XV - SAC 61 - 10 Queen’s 
5th XV - SAC 29 - 0 Queen’s 
4th XV - SAC 52 - 12 Queen’s 
3rd XV - SAC 62 - 6 Queen’s 
2nd XV - SAC 29 - 17 Queen’s 
1st XV - SAC 31 - 23 Queen’s

Courtesy of St Andrew's College